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As a hair stylist who has clients across different spectrums, one thing which I can tell you is no 2 clients are the same. I have had clients looking for plain cuts as well as atrocious cuts. As a hair stylist, I have to abide by all their requests. However, there are a few professional gadgets which can help you to satisfy all type of clients. Today, I would share with you one such hair clipper. You have the perfect solution in the form of Sminiker Professional Hair Clipper. Sminiker Professional Hair Clipper has been designed to provide customized hair cutting for your clients. A wide variety of accessories including 4 different combs are included along with the clipper to provide customized haircuts.

Sminiker Professional Hair Clipper is a versatile solution which is perfect for hair stylists as well as barbers. Hair stylists, as well as barbers, need a hair Clipper which can be modified according to the needs of the clients. With multiple such accessories included with this hair Clipper, there is no need to buy any extra accessories in order to satisfy the hair needs of your client.

We would today go into the details of Sminiker Professional Hair Clipper in this review to provide you with a better perspective. We would first start with some of the features of this hair clipper.

1. Heavy duty hair Clipper:

One of the main reasons why this hair Clipper is used by the professionals is because it can easily handle heavy duty consistent usage. Also, the design of the hair Clipper has been created in such a way that it would not hurt the skin. If you look at the rounded edges of the hair Clipper, you would realize that it has an R shaped round edge. This prevents it from cutting the skin or inducing flashes on the skin. Owing to its safety feature, it is widely preferred by most of the barbers as well as hairstylists.

2. Durable blade:

One of the main problems which barbers and hairstylists often face in a hair Clipper is the durability of the blade. Since most of the hairstylists would be using it throughout the day, the blades can worn out pretty fast. It is neither affordable nor easy to replace such blades in normal hair clippers. However, this problem is entirely absent with this hair clipper. Instead of using stainless steel blades, this particular hair clipper uses titanium blades. This ensures that the blades can easily last for a longer period of time with little wear and tear. This also prevents the blade from any kind of rusting problems. Thus, not only the blades last for a longer period of time but the sharpness is intact as well which makes the hair clipper much more efficient as compared to others.

3. Accessories included:

The Hair Clipper comes along with 4 different combs to choose from. This ensures that when you’re looking for the cutting of hair, you would be able to easily get it done by choosing the right combs. Thus, the hair stylists are able to provide precision haircutting to their clients with the help of the combs which are included. In addition to these, there are other accessories which are also included like a scissor, a couple of batteries and a cleaning brush. Thus, along with the hair clippers, you are getting the complete package and you would not have to invest any extra money in getting the accessories which are needed. This ensures that the stylists, as well as barbers who are opting for this hair clipper, are able to get the complete package and a value for money deal.

4. Better hair-cutting:

One of the main reasons why this particular hair Clipper has become pretty famous in such a short period of time is because of the precise hair cutting which it offers. Also, the vibration is also on the lower side. The quiet design also ensures that when it is being used for long term, it does not disturb the other patrons in the premises. Even when there are kids around, they would be at ease rather than being disturbed by the noise. This ensures that the hairstylists, as well as barbers, are able to use this hair Clipper all day long without any problems. The precisely controlled motor provides them with the precision which is needed to satisfy even the most demanding clients when it comes to a haircut.

5. Rechargeable:

The hair Clipper provides you with the option of plug-in usage or cordless usage. On a single charge, it can easily run for up to 8 hours. This provides you with plenty of time to service your clients and after that put it on charging, again you can use it in a corded mode as well which would ensure that you can use it throughout the day without any hassles. Whether you’re using it in a cordless more or in a corded mode, the performance is the same which ensures that you would be able to get the kind of hair cutting which you want for your clients irrespective of the mode. Thus, the run time in the cordless mode is one of the highest among the peers.


  • Corded & Cordless Mode
  • High run time on single charge
  • Accessories Included
  • Heavy Duty Hair Clipper
  • No fear of cuts or rashes
  • Titanium Blade
  • Low Noise
  • R Shaped round edge for protection
  • Precision hair cutting
  • Extra Battery included
  • Low Vibration
  • Highly Durable
  • Cleaning brush included


  • Clipper gets a little heated
  • Not easy to attach the combs
  • Combs, not 100% accurate
  • No zero gap function
  • Scissors included aren’t up to the mark

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the lithium Batteries which are included Rechargeable?

Can it be used as a beard Trimmer?

Does it come with an instruction manual?

Final Words

If you’re looking for a hair Clipper which works well with accessories and can be customized as per the needs of the clients, this is the perfect hair clipper for you. With this hair Clipper, you would not have to invest in any extra accessories as all the accessories which you would need are already included with the hair Clipper. In order to provide the best haircuts for your clients, Sminiker Professional Hair Clipper is one of the best options for you. With the sheer precision and ease of use which is provided by this hair clipper, you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

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