How to shave without getting bumps down there?

Unhygienic body conditions can not only impact your body but can also impact your partner as well. Owing to this reason, it is important to maintain proper hygienic conditions down there as well. Most of the people are reluctant to shave down there for the fear of getting bumps. The truth is that you can easily shave down there if you’re utilizing the right procedure without the problem of bumps.

We would today provide you with an answer to the question How to shave without getting bumps down there. The procedure which we would share below would help you in maintaining hygienic body conditions down there as well as avoiding bumps at the very same time. In order to maintain hygienic conditions, it is necessary to shave the pubic hair. However, the genital area is pretty sensitive. That is why in order to avoid the bombs you have to follow a very specific procedure detailed below.

shaving without getting bumps
1. Preparing the skin:

Instead of directly starting to shave, you have to 1st prepare the skin. When the skin is soft, you can be sure that bumps would be avoided more easily.

2. Trimming the hair:

If the hair in the pubic area is pretty long, you have to 1st trim it down. Only when you are able to trim it down, you would be able to shave the entire area.

3. Softening the area:

After that, you have to wash the area with warm water. This would soften the area. You have to thereafter dry the area.

4. Using the shaving cream:

Before you start shaving, you have to make the hair entirely soft. This can only be done with the help of the shaving cream. You have to make sure that the shaving cream which you are choosing is entirely non-alcoholic. You have to apply the shaving cream over the area which is to be shaved. This, in turn, would ensure that there is no excessive pulling of the hair or the redness of the area in which you are shaving.

5. Using the Proper Razor:

Ideally, you should be looking for a sharp razor or a clipper so that you do not have to shave the area again and again in order to remove all the hair. Blunt blades would surely cause bumps. That is why you have to check the sharpness of the razor and thereafter choose the razor. If the blade of the razor or the clipper is blunt, you have to 1st think about replacing the blade.

6. Proper Shaving Procedure:

One of the main things which you have to realize is that you should stretch the skin while shaving. This would ensure that there is no pain. Moreover, each and every hair would be adequately removed. This would help you in having a completely clean genital area. Even after stretching, if there is pain while shaving, that generally indicates that you’re not doing something right. In addition to that, stretching of the skin would also ensure that in a single attempt, you are able to shave the entire area.

7. Shaving in the right direction:

You have to also ensure that you are shaving in the direction of the growth. If you are shaving in the opposite direction, you would be missing out on hair and it would be quite painful as well. Shaving in the opposite direction would also cause bumps. It would cause skin irritation as well. You have to ideally shave in the downward direction. This would ensure that you are not missing on any hair.

8. Washing the Area:

Once the shaving is done, you have to wash the area with cold water. This would ensure that the skin in the genital area is soothed.

9. Moisturising the area:

After washing the area and drying it, you have to use a moisturizing cream in order to moisturize the skin around the genital area. You can even use Aloe Vera extract in order to moisturize that area. There are plenty of shaving lotions also which are available these days in order to moisturize the genital area.

If you are able to follow this exact procedure while shaving down there, you can be sure that you would not be getting any bumps.

We would also share with you a few other tips which you have to consider in order to avoid the bumps.

before and after shaving

Tips to consider:

1. Checking the razor:

Before starting the shaving, you have to check the razor for the sharpness. Only once you are able to check the razor for the sharpness, you can easily shave the area without the bumps.

2. Stretching the skin:

Instead of underestimating the importance of stretching the skin, you have to always stretch it while shaving. This would ensure that you do not suffer from any rashes or any kind of scratches or any kind of wounds while shaving. This makes the shaving procedure much easier for you.

3. Avoid pressing the skin severely:

If you’re pressing the skin very severely, it would result in a rash. That is why, whenever you are stretching the skin, you have to avoid pressing the skin. Once you are able to do that, you can avoid the rashes around the shaved area.

4. Tackling the in-grown hair:

If you’re suffering from the problem of ingrown hair, the procedure which you would use in order to shave would be slightly different. One thing which you have to keep in mind is that in order to avoid the ingrown hair, you have to eliminate it entirely while shaving. The best way in which you would be able to eliminate the ingrown hair is to stretch your skin properly while shaving. The more you stretch the skin, the lesser would be the probability that you would miss out on some of the ingrown hair. Thus, instead of utilizing any elaborate procedures in order to eliminate the ingrown hair, all you need to do is to just stretch the skin properly and you would be able to eliminate it.

4. Avoid forcibly taking out the hair:

Even if you’re missing out on some hair, instead of taking them out forcibly, you have to repeat the shaving procedure again. This would help you in avoiding any pain and injuries. If even after repeated shaving, you are not able to eliminate the hair, you have to leave it for the time being.

So, if you’re trying to find out How to shave without getting bumps down there, the above-mentioned procedure will surely help you in avoiding the bumps whenever you are shaving down there.

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