How To Shave Your Head Properly? (Full Ultimate Guide)

When you first learned how to shave; you must have focused on cheeks and chin. After a decade or two, you might find your head balding and you think shaving to be the best solution. You might want to shave your head for some other reason as well. When you try to shave your head for the first time, you will find the task to be little more complicated than you initially thought it to be. You won't be able to see every nook and corner of your head in the mirror just like your face.

Steps For Shaving Head Properly

Trim Your Hairs

First of all, you should cut your hairs to the workable length. You don't want to drag long strands of hairs with your razor. Long hairs or even medium-length hairs can make the shaving process a little bit difficult. If you have long hairs, you can use a scissor to cut the hair before using a trimmer.

Use a good quality trimmer and cut your hairs short. It is ideal to cut your hairs as short as a beard using a trimmer to get a smooth and comfortable shave using a razor.


Exfoliate your head and remove any dead skin cells not just to get a smoother shaving experience, but to maintain good health of the scalp and improving blood circulation. Dead skin cells clog the pores of the skin and removing them regularly can help maintain a healthy scalp. Though shaving itself is also a good exfoliation process, you don't want the dead skin buildup to cause any issues during the shaving procedure.

Rinse Off In A Hot Shower

A Hot shower will soften the skin of your scalp, open the skin pores and relax your hairs. It will help in minimizing the friction and burns on your head. Any excess hair clippings left on your head after trimming will also be washed away in the shower.

Use A Moisturizer

You should use a good moisturizer to make the scalp skin smoother and softer. You can use a good natural oil like coconut oil or almond oil as they can create a protective barrier between the scalp and the blade. Using moisturizers help in minimizing the cuts and abrasion over the scalp.

Use A Good-Quality Shaving Gel Or Cream

You can use the shaving gel or cream of your choice on your head to form up the lather. A shaving gel softens the hairs and makes it easier for blades to cut the hairs. It minimizes the friction, and you get a smooth shave.


Use a high quality razor that you prefer to use for shaving your face. Keep a mirror in front of you and use the other hand to make sure that the hairs are not left out in the areas you have shaved.

Once, you shave your head completely, repeat the whole process again. Reapply the shaving gel or cream and lather up. Shave again. Take your time and don't try to complete the task too quickly.

Thoroughly Check For Left-Out Areas

Check your scalp thoroughly in the mirror and use a second mirror to check the back side. If you find an area left with hairs, apply the gel and shave them off. If you find any cut, immediately apply an antiseptic lotion to the area to avoid infection.

Rinse With Cold Water

Once you finish shaving, rinse your head with cold water. Warm water opens up the pores, and cold water closes the pores.

Use A Clean Towel To Dry Your Head

You must ensure that the towel you use for drying your head is clean.

Use An After-Shave Solution

Use a good-quality after shave lotion which is not alcohol-based. Alcohol-based after shave lotions dry out the skin and they do more harm than good. You can use any good after-shave lotion of your choice, and if you want to go a natural way, you can use lemon juice for the purpose. Lemon juice's anti-microbial properties make it a perfect after-shave solution.

Take An After-Shave Cold Shower

A cold shower will give your head a soothing feeling. It will help in minimizing the inflammation and any reddishness.

Apply A Natural Oil

Take a little bit of coconut oil or some other natural oil that you prefer to apply over your scalp. Take only a limited amount of oil as you don't want it to drip from behind your ears. Natural oils help in repairing the damaged cells, and they get absorbed into your skin within a few minutes. Don't worry if you feel that your head is shining a lot right after oiling. Your skin will absorb the oil use it for the nourishment of the scalp.

Maintaining A Good Scalp Health

If you want to maintain a good scalp health so that your bald head looks great, you just need to adopt the below-listed practices in your routine.

Regular Exfoliation

Nothing is more harmful to your head than a build-up of dead skin cells. It acts as a breeding ground for infection causing microbes. It also accumulates dirt and sebum. A mixture of dirt, sebum and dead skin makes your head looks ugly.


Regular head massage improves the blood circulation in your scalp and head. Good blood circulation results in faster repair of skin cells on your scalp. Massage helps in avoiding any development of acne or infection over your head.


You can moisturize your head with a natural oil such as coconut oil. Coconut oil is composed of medium chained fatty acids. They get readily absorbed by the skin surface and help in the wear and tear of the skin tissues.

To Sum Up

Shaving your head for the first time might look like a daunting task. The above steps make shaving an easy process. If done correctly, it can be a liberating experience, and you redefine your looks completely. You no longer have to worry about balding as you can look great with a completely bald head.

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