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One of the main reasons why I regularly visit my favorite barber in spite of him charging a hefty amount for each and every haircut is the precision which he has. The other day, I was at the barbershop, I asked him how he was able to achieve this kind of precision. His answer stunned me. He mentioned that a barber is only as good as his tools. If indeed the secret, lies in the tools can’t we replicate the precision with the right tools? This led me to research a bit to find professional clippers which could give a similar precision hair cut. On my quest to find the best professional hair clipper, I came across Remington HC5870 Clipper. We would today discuss Remington HC5870 Clipper in greater detail as well as help you understand why it is one of the best to help Clipper options. If you want you can have a look on our best Barber Clippers Review which would obviously help you.

Plenty of barbers all over the country, place their trust in Remington HC5870 Clipper owing to its versatility as well as brilliant performance. It is one of the best options when it comes to professional hair clippers.

1. Complete package:

This particular hair clipper comes with a variety of different accessories. In total, it comes in a 20-Piece kit. This Kit includes:

  • Combs
  • Scissors
  • Charger
  • Case

Barbers, as well as hairstylists, often find these accessories pretty useful as they have to cater to a large range of customers. This makes it easier for them to use it on a regular basis. Also, when you look into the complete package, you would realize that it provides you with a much better deal as compared to some of the other clippers in which you have to buy the accessories separately. In addition to that, the body of the clipper itself is pretty sturdy. The outer body of the clipper consists of polycarbonate. This ensures that the Clipper is pretty durable and can easily last for a longer period of time.

2. Cordless operating option:

Owing to the lithium battery which is included in the Clipper, you would be able to operate the Clipper in the cordless mode. It would provide you with the total running time of 60 minutes on a single charge. It also offers you the quick charging function which would provide you with a running time of 10 minutes. The quick charging feature makes it easier for the barbers, as well as the hair stylists, to use it for a longer period of time, as with a small amount of charge, they would be able to run it for up to 10 minutes. This significantly increases the usage power of this Clipper.

3. Proper blade Alignment:

This hair Clipper has been designed in such a way that the blade alignment always remains proper. This ensures that you do not have to suffer from the problems like pulling the hair. This Clipper trims the hair perfectly. You can easily swap out the blade as well. This makes it easier for you to use the hair clipper without any interruptions. You can easily attach the T-blade or you can even attach the Balder blade as per your needs. Proper alignment also ensures that whether you are having thick hair or thin hair or the ethnic hair, you would be able to trim them all with relative ease.

4. High-power Motor:

The 3.6 V motor ensures that the blades run at a faster pace. This ensures that without having to spend a lot of time, you would be able to cut a larger quantity of hair. Also, if you compare it with older models, you would realize that the speed of the motor is twice as fast. Owing to this very reason, the time which is required to clip the same amount of hair is halved. This greatly works in the benefit of barbers as well hair stylists who have to service a lot of clients throughout the day. Owing to the quick turnaround time, it is becoming popular among regular personal users as well.

5. Easy to Clean:

This is one of the easiest clippers to clean. When you’re looking at cleaning this Clipper, you can easily remove the blades. You can also wash it under running water. This is one of the very few clippers which can be directly washed under running water. If you just want to remove the hair from the Clipper, you can use the brush which is included along with it. Thus, in order to clean this Clipper, you need not make any special arrangements and neither you need any special solutions. This makes it easier for you to clean it in a very short period of time.


  • High-power motor
  • Strong grip
  • Durable casing
  • Easy to wash
  • Versatile kit
  • Accessories included
  • Easy to replace the blade
  • Quick charging feature included
  • Precise blade alignment
  • Length adjusting combs included.


  • Blade adjusting knob missing
  • 0 gap not available
  • Frequent oiling needed

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So, whenever you are looking for a Clipper which can be used day in and day out without any kind of interruptions, this one is the perfect option for you. It is trusted by barbers as well as hairstylists all over the country. The Strong grip coupled with the quick charging feature, make it one of the favorite clippers for professionals all over the country. In addition to that, the kit which comes along with it ensures that there is no need to buy any other accessories. Moreover, this Clipper helps in drastically reducing the hair cutting time owing to which, it is becoming more and more popular among a wide range of users.

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