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The Remington HC4250 shortcut pro self haircut kit hair clipper is simply your fastest way to a clean cut. It is a compact, lightweight, highly versatile clipper that is very easy to use and maintain. The small fellow is made intuitive in every possible way – from its design to its functionality. Its body and power system are all specially designed to allow you the utmost control and comfort while you cut your hair wherever you are. Judging with all fairness, the Remington HC4250 shortcut pro is the best cordless clipper for at-home grooming. It beats all other clippers in terms of portability, flexibility, ease of use, and the variety and quality of haircuts achievable. With this minimalistic but high-quality hair clipper, you'll find it incredibly easy to maintain your good looks always.

Unique Features of Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Clipper

1. Self-sharpening Stainless Steel Blades

This smart clipper is fitted with top grade stainless steel; the first evidence of the clipper's great performance. It efficiently delivers a close, clean, intelligent-looking, and even cut. And their innovative design is a force to reckon with. They are extra-wide and curved, making it easy to follow every contour of your head so that you can perfect your cut at each corner of the head. Their unusually wide area of coverage allows you to cut hair faster as they do more with fewer cutting strokes.

To make things even better, they are self-sharpening. This leaves you with no worry about long-term performance. Users' reviews reveal that the clipper's curved blades remain sharp for years, and this lifts a great maintenance burden off your shoulders.

2. Cordless/corded function

It is known to be an extraordinarily versatile clipper that gives you all the convenience you'd need in a hair clipper. It can be used for both cordless and corded applications.

For cordless applications, a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery reliably powers the clipper. The battery requires 4 hours to gain full charge which supports flawless cordless action for up to 40 minutes – long enough to make a nice-looking haircut. This feature makes the clipper a perfect travel companion for individuals who are regularly on the go.

The clipper can also be connected to a power source directly for corded action, so you can enjoy this flexibility aspect if you fancy corded application. And what would you do if you are in a hurry but the battery is not charged? You'd really thank them for thinking about that beforehand.

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3. Ergonomically designed clipper housing

Comfort and ease of use were on top of Remington's mind when it was designing the hair clipper. This is evidenced by the clipper's small and compact body that easily fits into the palm of the user's hand. The housing is also rubberized to not only increase comfort but also give more control to the user as he tries to perfect the hair cut in all parts of the head including at the back, the neckline, and around the ears. The clipper is easily held with one hand and you can use it for hours without feeling a single bit of fatigue because of its lightweight characteristic.

Purchasing this one is saying goodbye to any haircutting difficulties you've been having and a welcome to pleasant grooming moments.

4. Clipper delivered as a 13-Piece Kit with 9 length combs

This one is packaged as a 13-piece kit, containing all you need to keep the look you desire. You get 9 of varying lengths, a charging adapter, a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and a storage bag for your clipper and its accessories.

The most important highlight here is the presence of 9 length guide combs. What does this mean to your haircutting experience henceforth? You'll be able to create a personalized look. Whichever haircutting ideas you have, the length combs will enable you to bring them to life. You can cut hair to as small as 1.5mm and as big as 15mm when you attach the appropriate comb to the clipper. And not to forget, this also features a curved design to fit the shape of your head.

5. Clipper is easily washable

This one easy to clean and maintain. Well, it effortlessly falls into the category of best hair clippers as it has a waterproof body and it is easily washable. You can easily remove it and sweep off the hair deposited behind it. After using the clipper, use the provided cleaning brush to remove hair pieces on it.

For more thorough cleaning, wash the entire device with the recommended cleaning solutions. Always remember to oil the wide blade each time you clean it to prolong the clipper's life. Maintaining the HC4250 is easier and hassle-free compared to other of its caliber.


  • Clipper is ergonomic and lightweight thus easy to use, store and transport.
  • Easy to wash thoroughly and therefore easy to maintain for a pro-longed life
  • Curved blades are perfect for fast and clean cuts
  • Cordless/corded application offers a great deal of convenience


  • Battery run time not very outstanding – has to be charged a whole 4 hours for the clipper to be used for 40 minutes
  • Biggest comb may still be too short to fulfill the desires of some users
  • It is quite tricky to cut hair around your ears using the clipper

Frequently Asked Questions About Remington HC4250 Hair Clipper

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Does Remington HC4250 shortcut pro have universal voltage and can I change the battery?

What are the length guide numbers that the kit comes with?

Should You Buy The Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit?

Should You Buy The Remington

First, this clipper is undoubtedly among the best cordless clippers for personal use. It is a great haircutting kit to have at home. Secondly, its design, functionality, and weight qualify it to be an awesome grooming companion for travel purposes. And you will always be proud to carry it around and use it given its modern and futuristic appearance. Thirdly, its performance is way above many other clippers on the market. The high-performance and the powerful, highly-durable Lithium-Ion battery are accountable for this performance. This clipper promises nothing less than a noiseless and comfortable haircutting experience. It also offers an exceptional level of convenience and time savings. You can make your desired haircut in a matter of minutes and leave the house feeling confident about the haircut you've just made.

Remington HC4250 shortcut pro self haircut kit hair clipper's quality, performance, and ease of use are really good indicators that the clipper will give the best return on your money if you choose to purchase it. Go ahead and order your set today and forget the straight blades that have been giving you a hard time clipping your hair.

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