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If you are a hiker, then you will need good rubber boots with the best grip on surfaces. So, let's get to know a little more about the hiking boots or palladium boots. To make hiking through mud and wet surfaces a breeze, you will need waterproof palladium boots.

  • Lighter than most boots
  • Very comfortable
  • Rubber outsoles
  • Waterproof Boots
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Removable inner soles
  • High-quality soles
  • The extra bumper on the toe is helpful
  • Looks appealing

Here are our top recommendations of palladium boots which will keep your feet dry and comfortable. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the palladium boots review.

1. Palladium Men’s Pallabrouse Baggy Chukka Boot

These boots are made in the USA and feature rubber soles. These are one of the best palladium boots and so we are mentioning it in our palladium boots review. The length of the shaft is approximately 9 inches from the arch. The height of the heels is around 1 inch.

The opening of the boots has a length of around 12.5 inches. These versatile boots feature cotton-canvas lining. The front has five-eye lace-up and there are contrasting metal eyelets. The boots also feature acid-washed laces for a firm fitting. There is a two-piece hugging heel cup and the boots feature a thick EVA sock liner. These make the boots easy to glide on and off.

There is a woven palladium label on tongue and the boots also have a unique rubber patch. The outer soles of these boots have beautiful details that give the boots a vintage look.


  • Lighter than most boots
  • Very comfortable
  • Boots feature rubber outsoles
  • Best tread pattern for traction


  • The seam may split

2. Palladium Boots Pampa Sport Cuff WPN Waterproof Boots

If you are a modern hiker, then you can amplify your style with these waterproof boots. The boots are made with leather and ballistic nylon. Palladium boots are composed of a polyurethane collar, and it features waterproof stitching thread. The boots also have a polar fleece lining and rubber toe cap to make sure that your feet remain dry and comfortable.

The boots have rubber soles and EVA sponge fillers which ensures that your feet are cushioned even when you are hiking on rough terrains. The boots feature two-piece construction with a hugging heel cup and the thick die-cut footbed ensures that your feet receive the tender loving care that they need. For the past 70 years, Palladium's boots have given exceptional service to brave and independent people like volcano scientist Haroun Tazieff or music artist Pharrell Williams.

The company continues to make timeless and bold gear for everyone who loves to explore. 


  • Waterproof boots
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Removable inner soles


  • After 8-9 months, water leaks in

3. Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Originale Chukka Boot

Next in line for our palladium canvas boots review is the Palladium Men's Pampa Hi Originale Chukka Boot. Palladium Boots’ classic Pampa style is constructed again on a modern sole designed with the company’s unique Paradrop technology to make sure that your steps are cushioned all the time. This unisex boot pays a special tribute to the original ones with unwashed canvas. The boots feature unique one-piece molded rubber outer soles with EVA sponge fillers that ensure that your feet are protected.
The boots have a two-piece construction or build. The boots have a hugging heel cup and thick die-cut EVA footbed which ensures that your feet are comfortable. The tread patterns of the boots are simple which makes it very easy to clean the boots. You will feel no pain when you wear these boots, which is why these boots gain a special rating from us in this palladium canvas boots review.


  • High-quality soles
  • The extra bumper on the toe is helpful
  • Looks appealing


  • Difficult to find the right sizes online

4. Palladium Men’s Pampa Cuff Lux Waterproof Boot

If you are a person who needs to carry out tasks in the pouring rain or heavy snow, then these Palladium Men's Pampa Cuff Lux Waterproof Boots are for you. The model may feel a little more bulky and expensive compared to Pampa, it has a better construction as well.

As for the cons, the Lux boots will not be as light and durable as the regular Pampa. It will also take you a long time to break-in. These boots have a tighter size than usual so beware of what size you choose. The boots are composed of 100% high-quality leather. The imported boots feature one of the best rubber outer soles, which makes these boots stand out in our palladium boots review. The boots also feature textured rubber middle soles, gusseted tongue, and cushioned innersoles. These are one of the best boots for winter and hence we are mentioning it here, in our palladium winter boots review.


  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to water


  • Longer break-in period
  • Dull color
  • Rough interior

5. Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Originale Tc Chukka Boot

We must talk about this hidden gem in our palladium boots review. These boots are comfortable, light, and have lugs that grip well. This is a great combination in one package. The boots are similar to converse high-tops with a hiking boot sole. The color contrast is sharper and the green color of the boots is not subdued at all. The boots are similar to the old Vietnam-era jungle boots.

Even if the canvas boots feel a little tight in the beginning, they are light, comfy, and have a decent footbed. You will be impressed with the quality and construction of these boots. Although the boots are not meant for heavy-duty yard work, they will hold up well. You can wear these boots for excursions like canoeing trips.


  • Rough and thick soles are great even on rocks
  • Lightweight and hence perfect for traveling and strolls
  • If the boots get wet, they will dry fast


  • Somewhat large size, so put insoles in it
  • Laces are too long

The Best Palladium Boots Review: A Buyer’s Guide

Are palladium boots true to their size?

According to reviews on Amazon, 83% of people found that their Palladium boots fit true to size. So yes, Palladium boots will fit your feet in general. However, the boots are quite narrow, so before buying, make sure that you have the right size.

What is the price of Palladium Boots?

The price of these boots depends on the model. The basic canvas models have a price range as low as $48, while the high-end waterproof models can have very high prices.

Where can I buy cheap Palladium Boots?

It is better to buy Palladium boots on Amazon because they are cheap there, and Amazon has a free return system. So, if you get the wrong size accidentally, you will be able to return it for free.

Can you wear Palladium Boots for hiking excursions?

Palladium boots are good for hiking on easy tracks. If you don’t need to climb rocks, then choose palladium boots. Beware, do not wear these boots for climbing rocks, as it can rip the leather on your feet. That will be the last thing that you want.

Are Palladium boots good for handling water?

This depends on what model you get. Waterproof Palladium models have "WP" in their name, so you should go for those boots. Regular canvas Palladium boots are not waterproof, but they can resist water.

Can Palladium Boots handle the snow?

Palladium boots with WP in their name will be able to handle the snow in colder weather. Don’t wear the usual Palladium Pampas on snow, as anything that is not waterproof will get soaked in the snow.

Where do Palladium Boots originate from?

Palladium boots originate from China. They were made in France before the production was shifted to China.

How should you clean Palladium boots?

Wash the boots in the washing machine, or clean them with soap, warm water, and a washcloth. How you should clean also depends on how dirty your palladium boots are.

Should you wear Palladium boots or Converse?

This is not a good comparison because the Converse is not the same as a boot. Although the boots look similar, Palladium boots are made from a much thinner fabric. Palladium boots feature thicker soles, and overall the construction of Palladium boots is much better.

Where can you get boots similar to Palladium?

You can easily get them on eBay.

They cost about the same as Palladium’s "tactical combat" boots, but it is better to mention in our palladium tactical boots review, that these boots are made for combat. Your mileage may vary on finding the correct size, so choose your size wisely.


Palladium boots are light, comfortable and you get a great value for your money. There are some things that you may not like about these boots, but otherwise, they are a great option.

Although Palladium boots are not used by French Foreign Legion anymore, they are one of the most comfortable boots for your money.

We hope that you found this Palladium boots review helpful, and we must mention that no other boots are as light as the Palladium ones. 

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