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The Oster Classic 76 Clipper is a heavy-duty, sleek, professional quality, corded clipper with a powerful motor and delivered with two detachable blades. The clipper is compact and made of long-lasting materials. Oster Classic 76 is made for any barber who desires to achieve quality cuts with a classic clipper. It can be used for trimming facial hair, though it’s majorly designed for clipping hair.

The clipper is recommended for all types of hair. Many stylists and barbers have reviewed it as the best clipper for cutting tougher types of hair. So, if you’ve been experiencing challenges clipping thick, hard, or wet hair, Oster Classic 76 could be the end of these challenges. This is not just hearsay; the clipper has been tested in different environments and proved to perform extraordinarily well in different tasks. With regard to performance and durability Oster Classic 76 is the best hair clipper not only among other Oster clippers but also when compared with other reputable hair clipper brands.

Features of Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

1. Detachable Stainless Steel Blades

For the 120+ years that Oster has been in existence, it has made the use of quality blades its stronghold. That goes for every clipper that bears the Oster name. Oster Classic 76 is definitely a masterpiece in this regard. The clipper features a Cryogen-x blade system that uses highly durable and ever-sharp stainless steel blades.

The hair cutter is also a detachable hair clipper, meaning that it uses detachable blades. The clipper comes with two blades (sizes #1 and #000), allowing you to cut hair to 2.44mm and 0.5mm lengths respectively. You can switch the blades at any time. The #000 blade is for clipping over combs and for close fades while the #1 blade is ideal for medium fades and bulk removal.

2. Universal Single Speed motor

Why do stylists and barbers across the globe prefer Oster Classic 76 to other hair clippers for heavy-duty haircutting? The universal single speed motor this clipper uses is part of the answer to this question. Oster invested its most powerful motor in Classic 76, making this clipper the strongest of all the professional heavy-duty hair clippers. This single speed universal motor surpasses electromagnetic and standard pivot motors in power. It makes the task of cutting high volumes of hair seem easier and you achieve a thorough cut quickly. The powerful motor can withstand continuous use for long periods of time and that’s why the Oster Classic 76 is considered as the must-have workhorse in any busy barber shop.

3. Thick, 9-foot power cord

Flexibility during haircutting is a major concern. The flexibility of corded hair clippers is majorly determined by the length of the power cord. The longer the cord, the higher the level of flexibility you enjoy. With its 9-foot cord, Oster Classic 76 gives you an extra foot of flexibility over other corded hair clippers that usually use 8-foot power cords. This long power cord gives you plenty of space to position yourself as you make the best cut and trim on your clients’ hair. This long cord makes getting to the hard-to-get parts of the head effortless and the results speak for themselves. Another advantage of the longer power cord is than you don’t need to use an extra extension.

4. Hard and virtually unbreakable housing

The Classic 76 clipper features an amazingly durable design. The clipper’s housing is made of strong Valox material. This material is known to be fall-resistant and almost completely unbreakable. The hardness and durability of Oster Classic 76 housing has been rated higher than that of most professional barber cutters. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to worry about when using this barbershop legend. You’ll not even be concerned about leaving the clipper with a newbie who might not have understood how to take care of hair clippers. In short, the housing is a sure guarantee of long-term service.

In addition, the housing is made to a vintage design. It represents the kind of hair clipper the classic old-school barber should have. There are few clipper brands that have managed to make the kind of visually appealing hair clipper Oster 76 is.

5. Delivered with blade guard, blade oil, and cleaning accessories

Some standard hair clippers will rarely come with an extra accessory. Oster Classic 76 is very different from the standard clipper. In its package you also get a blade guard, two Cryogen-x clipper blades, blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning accessories and an instruction guide. This means you don’t have to budget for the purchase of clipper accessories after you buy your Oster 76. The day your package is delivered, you are ready to get to work as everything is ready and in great condition. The accessories are made at the Oster factory, adding a layer of confidence in their quality as you know the brand’s factory produces high-quality barbering products.


  • Break-resistant housing makes clipper last for years
  • Advanced cooling system to allow for continuous use
  • Clipper cuts extremely clean
  • Powerful motor makes clipper strong for all types of hair


  • Machine a little too heavy and bulky for some people
  • Clipper makes louder noise than other clippers
  • Blades and clipper get hot quickly

Frequently Asked Questions About Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper

How do I remove the blade from my clipper?

How do I put the blade back on my clipper?

Why is my blade rattling?

Final Thoughts on Oster Classic 76

Oster Classic 76 is an excellent professional clipper with the ability to work for long hours even when used to carry out heavy-duty haircutting tasks. It beats many hair clippers in terms of motor power, blades performance and all-material durability. The detachable blades and longer than usual power cord increase its versatility, making the clipper one of the most preferred hair clippers by hair stylists and professional barbers. With its unbreakable housing and slightly bigger and heavier body, Oster Classic 76 is best suited for use my men, though there are some variations of the clipper that can be used comfortably by women. If you are looking for a strong, corded, highly-durable detachable hair clipper, don’t look beyond Oster Classic 76 as this clipper is best-priced clipper that fits your description.

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