How To Match Your Hairstyle To Your Facial Hair?

A proper hairstyle along with the matching beard is the hallmark of a well-groomed man. Most of the people do not pay attention to whether their beard matches with their hairstyle or not. If indeed, you are able to match both, it would certainly enhance your appearance. Many people think that it is a very difficult task to match the beard style with your hairstyle. However, this is not true at all.

Today we would help you answer the question how to match your hairstyle to your facial hair. We would share with you a few things which you have to look into in order to make your hairstyle compliment your beard.

match faicial hair

Things to look out for:

Many people think that they would be able to get it right the 1st time around when they are trying to match their hairstyle with their beard. This is not true at all. We would share with you a few things which you have to look out for when you’re trying make your hairstyle compliment your beard.


Initially, you would have to experiment a bit with the various styles as well as themes in order to get it right. It would not be right the 1st time around. You have to 1st look at the hairstyles which look good on you and thereafter, you have to find out the corresponding beard styles to match the hairstyle.

Taking into account the shape of your face:

Whenever you are picking the hairstyle, you have to 1st find out whether it would look good enough on your face or not. In order to make this decision, you have to examine the shape of your face and thereafter you have to pick the hairstyle. This would provide you with large number of options when it comes to hairstyles.

Density of hair:

Also, another factor which you have to remember is the density of hair. This will determine whether you should opt for longer hairstyles or whether you should opt for the shorter hair hairstyles. You have to look at the density and if you are having problems like hair loss or hair thinning, you have to choose the hairstyle accordingly as well.

Complementing beard as well as hairstyles:

There are a few hairstyles as well as beard styles which always go with each other. You have to make a list of such styles and thereafter, you would find out which one suits you. Going with time-tested styles cuts out the experimentation part entirely.

After looking into these few factors, it would become easier for you to choose the right kind of hairstyle and the matching beard style.

We would now go into some of the combinations of hairstyles as well as beard styles which go perfectly with each other.

1. Buzzcut with complete beard:

With increasing temperatures, the buzz cut is one of the most comfortable haircuts which you can opt for these days. Along with that, you can go for the full beard. This is actually a contrast combination which will surely look good on you. You can go for the beard along with the full mustache.

Who should opt for this style?

If you’re having a round face or if you are having an oval face, this style is the perfect option for you.

2. Undercut with any kind of beard:

This hairstyle became famous a couple of years ago and it is still going strong. This hairstyle can be accompanied with any beard style. You can go for beard styles like:

  • Bushy Moustache
  • Simple stubble
  • Longbeard with well-groomed hair

These are just a few of the beard styles which would actually look good enough with the undercut.

unique hair style

Who should opt for this style?

3. Traditional shorter hair with stubble:

If your preferred hairstyle is the conventional short hair, along with that you can go with the stubble. It allows you to opt for an entirely minimalistic look.

Who should opt for this style?

4. Man-bun with long stubble:

Man-bun is the latest trend these days. This helps you in getting the hipster look. Along with this hairstyle, you can opt for the long stubble. This hairstyle and beard combination ensures that you are having a lot of texture on your face along with clean space as well which makes you look perfect. If your preferred hairstyle is man bun you have to ensure that you are staying away from the completely shaved look..

Who should opt for this style?

5. Medium length hair accompanied by short shaggy beard:

If your preferred hairstyle is the medium length hair coming up to your shoulder, you can opt for the short shaggy beard along with it. You can either keep your medium length hair messy or you can slick it on the backside or even part it. On all of these hairstyles, the short shaggy beard would look good enough.

Who should opt for this style?

These are just some of the examples of matching the hairstyle with the right kind of beard. These combinations would make you look good enough. In addition to these as well, there are a lot of other combinations which you can easily opt for.

Alternative solution:

If you’re losing facial hair or the growth of your facial hair is not proper, you can opt for a beard transplant. These days, beard transplants can easily be done with no pain at all. Also, beard transplant is a long-term or rather a permanent solution as well. This would help you in ensuring that even if you’re having less facial hair, you are able to opt for the beard style which you want. However, you should only opt for a beard transplant in case, the density of facial hair or the amount of facial hair which you have is on the lower side. After getting the beard transplant, you would have to wait for a couple of months before customizing your beard look. You have to let the hair follicles grow and thereafter only you can think about customizing your beard look. Since it can be easily accomplished in a shorter period of time, many men these days are opting for a beard transplant which would indeed help them in setting the right combination of hairstyle as well as a beard.

So, in case you are struggling to match Your Hairstyle To Your Facial Hair you have to just look at the above few things which we have mentioned and thereafter, you can look at the most probable combinations of the hairstyle as well as a beard trimmer. You can even create your own customized combination depending on the type of look which you want to achieve.

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