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When choosing the best hair clipper, there are two important considerations that add up to the final decision of which clipper to take home. Brand authority always comes into play, and one is often attracted to the most reputable brands. And then there are those smaller, comparatively less popular brands that will offer an outstanding product and the product will nail it all the way. The JTrim PRO-Clipper somehow falls in the second category of hair clippers. This cordless clipper has rocked the grooming industry since its introduction to the market. Its best application is for at-home hair clipping, and trimming beards and mustaches. Some users have reported that it is also great for shaving hair on the chest and the back. It’s perfect for use on men as well as kids. So if you are looking for a clipper suitable for all-family use, you might want to investigate the features, pros and cons, and FAQs of the JTrim PRO-Clipper and see how best it suits your requirements.

Unique Features of JTrim PRO-Clipper

1. High-precision,replaceable titanium and ceramic blades

The JTrim PRO-Clipper uses two kinds of blades: A titanium fixed blade on the top and a ceramic moving blade at the bottom. The blades use high-precision technology to provide a sharp, thorough, close cut. The blades’ design is targeted at cleaning off almost any hair on the body – from clipping scalp hair to cutting mustache, trimming beards and cutting chest and back hair. The high-performance blades work with or without clipper guards because they get really close to the skin. They are highly-durable and this assures you many years of comfortable at-home hair clipping and great savings on your time and money.

2. It comes with 4 comb attachments

To support its varied uses, the clipper comes with four length combs of sizes 1/8, ¼, 3/8, and 1/2 inches. In round numbers, the comb attachment sizes are 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm. These attachments allow you to adjust the size of the hair cut according to your preferences. They allow blade cutting height within the range of 0.08 mm to 2.0 mm. You can use the lower settings for beard trimming and the higher settings for scalp hair clipping. The hair clipping flexibility accorded by this trimmer makes it a favorite for many users, starting from the newbie bearded guy to the parents who need to trim their kids’ hair at home.

3. Two rechargeable 3-hour use batteries

When choosing cordless hair clippers, it’s very important to evaluate the battery features. The quality and performance of the battery significantly affects the functioning and durability of the hair clipper. For the JTrim PRO-Clipper, its rechargeable battery can be viewed as one of the clipper’s strongholds. The trimmer comes with two powerful batteries. Each battery has a runtime of 180 minutes and is charged using the 110V-240V US Plug. Compared to other cordless clippers, the JTrim PRO-Clipper’s batteries hold charge for a fairly longer time, allowing you to do your grooming comfortably without the worry of the battery going flat before you are through. With a fully-charged battery, the clipper can even be used for 3 times before recharging it again.

4. Ultra-quiet operation

JTrim PRO-Clipper is impressively quiet. You’ll love having it on your skin because it works with minimal noise and vibration. It’s motor runs smoothly as it drives the ever-sharp, high-precision blades through any density of hair. This operation is a big plus for the clipper, especially for use on kids who would otherwise be scared of having a noisy hair clipper on their body. Working with little vibration also means easy control over the clipper. You are able to concentrate all your attention and efforts into making the best cut possible. Production of low noise could also be part of the reason the batteries last long.

5. Lightweight, easy to handle clipper body

This clipper is probably among the lightest hair clippers available, weighing only 1.2 pounds. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and you have total control over its movements. If your wife helps you cut your hair, you cannot ask for a better clipper than the JTrim PRO-Clipper. She’ll rarely get tired when using the lightweight clipper and can do the haircutting much faster than when using other heavier clippers or trimmers. Children too can handle this clipper. In addition, the housing is made of highly-durable plastic material with a nice white graphic blended with a black texture. Judging fairly, this clipper has a really cute exterior, and you can always take pride in having it in your wardrobe or travelling with it wherever you go.

Pros and Cons of JTrim PRO-Clipper


  • High-precision blades provide a clean, close and smooth cut
  • Cuts hair on various parts of the body well leaving no stubbles or unevenness
  • Body is lightweight, well-built and attractively designed
  • Comb attachments allow for haircutting height adjustment
  • Quiet and rides very smoothly over the skin


  • Not strong enough for clipping tough and dense hair
  • Cannot be recommended for professional use
  • Does not produce great buzz cuts

Frequently Asked Questions About JTrim PRO-Clipper

What kind of batteries does the JTrim PRO-Clipper use? Can I replace them?

Can I remove the blades for easier cleaning?

Can the JTrim PRO-Clipper be used for shaving chest and abdomen hair?

Should You Buy The JTrim PRO-Clipper?

If you are looking for a fairly priced hair-clipper that will give you a pleasant at-home hair clipping experience, the JTrim PRO-Clipper is a great choice. Sporting a powerful motor, high-quality blades, an amazingly designed lightweight body, and cordless application, the trimmer passes the qualification of a great personal hair clipper. Its ease of use makes it perfect for all-round haircutting. In addition, the trimmer is easy to maintain even for a user who’s not very conversant with hair clippers.

Past customers of this clipper portray it as a great choice of a clipper for home use, but not a very great one for professional use. Most of the customers are satisfied, and you can be sure that the clipper will fulfill your requirements for an at-home hair clipper. Grab this decent hair clipper and enjoy flawless all-round haircutting all the time.

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