How to Mirror Shine Your Boots or Shoes? (2nd Step You Should Know)

If you are in the military sector, you must be an owner of a pair of tactical boots. In your workplace, you are always told to come with a pair of boots that reflects all that is in front; simply put, a pair of mirror shine boots. But you are never told 'how?'. So, we are here to explain in detail about that how to shine boots. By the way, was it too dramatic to be an introduction? We hope it was not and let's get into all the details.

shine boots guide

However, before starting we would like you to know that all these shining techniques are not only for military boots but are meant to work for any type of leather boots or leather shoes. Also, you must know why this will work on almost all pairs of leathers. We know, the surface of the leather is not even. As a result, it looks matte by dispersing light in every direction. So, wax shoe polishes are used to fill all those pits which make the surface looks smooth and glossy after enough wax has been used.

Just letting you know before we start that, while explaining all the steps to get mirror shine, there will be a series of tasks that need to be done repeatedly. All these steps might make you bored to read so, grab your chips and popcorns along, folks! However, they are some of the very easy steps and fun to do at times.

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A soft cleaning brush
  • Ice cubes or cold water
  • Cotton rug (for shining)
  • Wax polish (of your choice)

Getting Started

Firstly, you will need to prepare a solution with water and rubbing alcohol. For your convenience of measure, we will be giving you an exemplary ratio from the idea of which you can make as much as the solution you will need. Add 2.5/3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol into 250ml water. Remember, we do not need too much alcohol here. We will only be using it to flavor the water.

After your solution is ready, make sure you clean your boot's upper and the sole area. This is important because if there is extra dust and debris on the surface, it will definitely create extra hassle while shining. Better to clean it off before starting the process. You can use your regular boot cleaning brush to get those off of your boots. Once it's free of all the visual dirt, consider yourself ready to go to the next step.

steps for boot shining

Step by Step Shining Process

Step 1

To get started, take one piece of ice cube in a small plate/bowl or anything near you that can hold the cube and cover it with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol and water solution that you already made. For the next step, if you do not wish to wash your hands over and over again you can simply wear a pair of gloves. At this point, hold your index and middle fingers together and get some wax into the tip of your two fingers and start applying a layer of polish (preferably thick) in a small and circular motion. Make sure to get all the small areas done evenly. You should add six to seven different layers to get that fine base coat.

Step 2

Take your time to finish coating the base nicely so that it becomes easier to get the shine in the end. As they say: "A good beginning makes a good ending". Anyway, let the wax dry for 10-15 minutes now. A small tip here, if you are unsure of reaching all the areas by your fingers, you can use a hair drier on the waxed areas after it is dried up. This is done so that the wax melts and reaches all the nooks and corners. But this step is not necessary if you have already done it by using your fingers.

Step 3

Getting back to our steps, once the wax has been dried up, it is time to use that clean cotton rug. It will be best if you can make sure it is 100% cotton. It may be an old t-shirt or any clean cotton cloth. Now, wrap the rug around your former two fingers orientation and wrap the excess cloth around the palm of your hand, letting it giving you a firm grip so that it does not come in the way of your shining process. At this point, take/spray a small amount of that water and alcohol solution on your fingertips to make it moist. Get the excess moisture off if there is any. This solution helps in melting the wax.

Step 4

Now, go in back and forth motion with the damp cloth over the coat of polish. You must not put too much pressure as extra pressure might result in breaking the wax. Just light touches are required. Consider the boot surface a fragile thin piece of glass and now put the exact amount of pressure that you will be putting in that glass slab so that it does not break. In between your strokes touch the ice cube for a few seconds and start again with the back and forth motion. Likewise, touch the wax in between your strokes and start buffing again. However, it should also be fine if you are comfortable with doing tiny circles rather than going back and forth.

Step 5

At this point, you will start seeing a shinier surface but do not expect to see the appearance of the mirror shine yet. Sometimes, you can even take a small amount of the solution so that if there is any stubborn wax, that melts too. Keep buffing with touching the ice sometimes, sometimes a tiny bit of wax, and taking the solution once in a while. After a minute or two, you should be able to see that true mirror shine building up. You can either stop here or keep doing the previous steps if you want more shine. Also, do the same for your other piece of boot too.

Step 6

Congratulations! You are officially done achieving that mirror shine where you can actually see your reflection. Moreover, to get more shine you can spend more than 10 or 20 minutes and even an hour if you would like to repeat the previous steps which will give you more and more shine as you go.

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Closing Notes

To some of you, this might feel lengthy and somewhat boring to do. We agree on that. But remember, everything becomes easy once you start enjoying it. One last tip from us is to embrace and enjoy the process if you know no one is going to do it for you. However, this is the easiest process explained by us to you. Yes, there might be other ways too. But after months of research if not years, we set our mind on this to be the most uncomplicated one out there which is able to give you that true glossy shine that everyone keeps talking about. So, this is where we say goodbye and good luck to you! See you around.

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