How To Fade Haircut For Men with Hair Color

fade haircut tutorial

As you can see he had a bald spot it’s a stress spot fade haircut. It happens to people nobody really knows why but you know they usually shoot some steroids into it with a needle when it grows back.

#1 Guard or 1/8 All The Way Open

We’re going to start on our levels from ball to the blade and ease all the way. Open these are the Andes masters and the one guard. All the way open is the next guideline from here. You can fade up you could fade down. It’s your choice. We’re going to fade down in this example. I’m using my purple magnetic guards. Listen to new ones. They don’t work as well as the old ones like. People keep asking me how come my one open doesn’t blend right into my two. You can still do it by flicking by raising the Clipper up and kind of like scraping at the scalp. Try to get to the double magnets and I believe you can call the Andes and get them directly. They’re gonna be hard to find online or in the store.

#0 Guard or 1/16 Start Open

You can see I’m fading down using the number zero. Guard, now I’m starting open and as I go down I could close it until that garland is. You know this is the steps right here. I’m opening it a quarter of an arm at a time. I’m closing at a quarter at a time.

Example Of What Close To Open Or Fading Down Is

See that I’m fading down. Then we’re going to close a quarter at a time to fade it down. You don’t necessarily have to do it when you have the guards on. You can like skip some closes but when you have no guards and using the Andes all the way. Open this is where the detailing really comes in hand. I would suggest you use a quarter at a time until you get to that last line of demarcation and then you know you close it all the way and you take that line out and if you can’t take the line out you know you could use your trimmers or your outliner blade at your 5-0 blade. Take that line up I use a lot of my corners of my teeth in as you can see I stretched the scalp. If you can’t get a line now because it’s not cutting close enough by stretching the scalp. You might be able to get a little bit closer and that might be just you know what it takes to take that line out. If that doesn’t work try never try the, UH the trimmer try to the outliner blade take that line out. There are free downloads and stuff for you aspiring rappers. Every barbershop got an aspiring rapper. So I’m letting the beard in as well and you can see I’m leaving the lineup darker. He doesn’t necessarily want you to know the fade haircut as high as it is in the bag all the way around. We brought it up that high because of that you know that stress spot but you know there are no rules to this barbering thing. I mean if you can create losers if you could make it look you know um a little bit lower in the front, where he wants to keep a lineup that you then do it. There are no rules everybody wants to create names for certain haircuts Create all these rules and stuff. Man, this is an arm and ain’t no rules to this just thinking like that’ll set you apart. It really will so you know I fast forwarded to the other side. You guys get the steps and you know once we do the other side I’m going to connect it the back with the rest of it and I don’t necessarily fade haircut like this. I usually fade haircut like painting a wall I mean you do one side and you mean you can say you move it gradually all the way around. But I wonder how just faded one side and sped up the rest of it. If you guys don’t like it definitely let me know. I have no problem constructive criticism and now that I’m on the other side. we’re just kind of detailing the blend. We’re detailing the blend now and if I made it down in the beginning of the process it’s almost like cross-checking will your detailing fade up haircut. Now start from the bottom and fade up haircut since in the beginning, you faded haircut from the top to the bottom and if you start in the beginning from the bottom to the top cross-check it detail your work and fade haircut from the top to the bottom. Try it out for yourself and you can see when I get to the hairline.

See the video here for more details:

Andis Shaver A Must Have For Fade Haircut

I kind of turned the Clipper so that the teef is facing towards his face and that’s how I keep that area a little bit darker. You can see in the data by my road you know that the antes Masters is a must have it really fade haircut. You don’t understand like antes close.  Everybody thinks as a zero there are so many more sets below a zero that could really make that blend look like super blended like a crazy transition fade haircut and the ante shave is a must unless they have sensitive skin.

Start The Line-Up Process I’m Using Andis Slim Line Pro

They’ll bump up and generally that’s people will really tight curly hair but even if you do it right even on them you can definitely use a shaver. Don’t use a razor though now I pointed here at the highest point of his hairline. You can see it’s a little bit light there that’s the highest point of his hairline that’s where I started. If they don’t have a receding point then you can start in the middle and then connect the sides. But I like to start with a receding part. Because if you start the receding part. I mean that’s the highest point anyways. So you want to leave that as natural as possible. If you start from somewhere else and you leave it as natural as possible. All of a sudden when you get to that receding part it just doesn’t match. Its gonna look crook is going to look jagged. You’re going to waste time. You have to go back to a part that you already lined up. So that it looks straight this way you avoid raising that that receding area and you also don’t waste time because you can mash the rest of it fade haircut up with it to the best of your ability without raising it. You know I mean raising it up anymore and you see right here it looks like. I don’t know last time you got lined up for something. It was pushed back a little bit there’s that light area. I’m not gonna push it back anymore. Because we’re going to add a color enhance mat the end and we you know when you’re doing this part of the beard don’t push it. Don’t know don’t put it don’t push up that line in any more than it needs to be. So there’s a nice straight line or nice clean line keep it as natural as possible. I use the corner of the blade a lot of the corner blade when I’m doing this arch right here and honestly like I try not to spend too much time doing this part. Any hairs that are overhanging I try to grab with the trimmer but I don’t waste a lot of time you know running over the same spots.

fade haircut

Irritating the skin creating information just making it really uncomfortable for the customer. I don’t do that because I’m gonna pass the razor right even on people who bump up on the top part of their beard as long as you just do the lineup. You’re not shaving their cheeks. I mean it’s gonna come out sharp. it’s going to create less irritation. I love these trimmers the slim lines. I like both I got two of the allies. I got the pros I like. Both for the flip they’re both awesome. The big difference between the two is like when the pros are dying. You can feel them dying you can feel them losing power. The L dates will have they go like 100 is zero. There’s no warning fade haircut but I think the battery lasts longer in their lives. But I like the feeling the ergonomics on the pros. It feels thirty. They feel like they feel better but the Allies look nicer. I don’t know it’s great. It’s kind of like you’re damned. If you do damned and don’t you can use points references. When you’re doing the beard like you can use the corners of his lips. Where they meet the bottom in the top on a part. Meet at the sides as your point of reference like I’m doing here. You know, when you stand right in front of the client you’ll see that it’s even you know and his beard doesn’t connect all the way. You’re trimmer because it’s att blade it’ll you know. I mean it’ll fill the gaps when you’re trying to measure whether they’re even or not or whether fade haircut it’s connecting. it’s matching up with where his lips meet any other neckline. I do just like the line up the highest point or the middle of his beard and then I’ll connect the rest with it. That’s just around the lineup I try to flip the trimmer over and I kind of do scooping motions. If I ate you know if there’s this some fade haircut that you know just want the trimmer. So just won’t cut when you flip it over. You can do the scraping you know subscribing but make sure you’re light handed to it. Try to avoid doing that too much and then I’ll pass the shaver. I added this because there are some color enhancement haters out there. Don’t watch any more if you don’t want to see color enhancements. What if you do follow along with the color Hansman to me is his hair color. Man, it’s been around for thousands of years people color their grades. Women colored a hair I mean men colored a hair. Man that was dope like anybody wants to be like him does bleaching their hair nobody said anything. This is just hair color – it just so happened makes haircut look dope. Now vegan has a bad rap looking like a sharpie. It doesn’t have to look like a sharpie and as you can see right here I do the outline and then I smear it in with a towel. It has to be wet it’s a dry towel but you can see that it looks natural. This is how it’s going to look when you wash it out. Now the longer it stays on the skin the more process is going to get darker but once you wash it out. This is how it’s going to look and you’ll see as I’m applying the rest it starts to darken and then you know we blow dry it darkens more. You can always tell what’s going to look like on how it looks when you first apply it. That’s a little tip that’s a little nugget right there. If it doesn’t look right when you first apply it. That’s how it’s going to look fade haircut when you wash it out. You can see I don’t go all the way like I apply it. Right at the lineup and then I’ll smear it in a little bit underneath. The liner to try to like blend it in and create a natural look. We do this all the way around. I don’t do it in the mustache because the mustache is a coarser area. You do the mustache. It’s going to look like it. You know put some eyebrows above his lip now. We’re cleaning everything up with the razor pulling the skin. Small strokes right around them in the lineup and you can see it starting to get darker. You know when you smear on it. It doesn’t look like you’re applying color until ten minutes later it darkens up your lights all over the bed. After you blow-dry it you know what I like them to do is kind of like. Try to move their face around and see if there’s any cracks or places. Where there’s not enough color and then you know I’ll reapply some more and right here I put some shave gel and I’m going with the grain. Because what I did was I applied this shave gel. I brush it the hairs down. So I got longer on the top. It’s like a five on top. So I want to catch all the strays by growing with the grain.

Final Words

Make sure you apply a good amount of shaved up above the lip and you can see that I didn’t push a gel anywhere else. It’s not as sensitive but above the lip. It is and it on the hairline. So I can Castro strays trim the hair down and catch them doing the same thing. On the other side, there’s a long process guy like if I was working in the salon. You know get like $100 for this at a salon in a barbershop. I charge $36 and I mean you’re cutting their hair fade haircut beard the applying color blow-dry your shame pulling it out. Your cash and pull it out conditioning it out. Whatever you want to do it’s not you know and this is what it looks like after you shampoo it and you dry their hair. It looks natural to me there’s a lot of haters with this process and now I’m doing finishing touches. I’m applying a product that I have is a natural oil-based product. So I rub it into the beard and everything brush it in makes your client for like a hundred bucks. He’s happy cheap so thank you guys for reading this article very carefully.

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