How To Clean Work Boots? (Quick Secret Guides For You)

Your work boots carry out the important task of keeping your feet dry and protected throughout the day. If you take good care of your work boots, your work boots will take care of your feet. Your work boots are often exposed to the harsh elements of weather or even dirt and grime in the workplace. So, it is important to take care of your work boots just as you take care of your own feet. If you need tips and tricks to take care of your work boots, then you have come across the right article.

how to clean work boots

Taking care of your work boots

It is important to wear leather boots to give them a sufficient break-in period. It is important to remember that different boots have a different break-in time. It is always a good idea to give the boots a sufficient break-in time before applying a waterproof layer.

Taking care of the outside of the boots

If you want to wear clean boots to your workplace every day, it is important to clean the outside properly. The first step is to use a damp brush or cloth to wipe away the excess dirt that has accumulated on your boots. If you want, you can also use a clean toothbrush to clean the outside of the boot. If your boots are too dirty, you may need a stronger cleaning agent such as a leather cleaning product. Before applying a leather cleaning product, make sure to wipe off the excess dirt and grime from your boots. Make sure that your leather cleaning product does not contain any petroleum because it can ruin the quality of the leather boots. You can opt for a plant oil-based leather cleaning product or you can even use saddle soap. You can apply a liquid leather cleaning product just like any other liquid, and this will ensure that the dirt and grime are wiped off from the leather. If the dirt and debris have settled in, then you may want to soak the leather boots for a minute or two.

Saddle soap also has ingredients like beeswax or lanolin which conditions the outside surface of the leather. Saddle soaps are usually sold in shoe polish tins and you can use them with a damp brush or cloth. Remember to use circular motions and saddle soap to get rid of the excess dirt that has accumulated on your boots over time. Lather the boots with the cleaning agent and remember to wipe away the excess lather with a clean cloth. You may need to reapply the cleaning agent to get the best results.

The plus point about saddle soap is that it also moisturizes the surface of the leather besides cleaning it, and hence it is a versatile product for work boots. The next step is to let the work boots air-dry. It is important to let the work boots air-dry because heating can dehydrate the surface of the leather. A pro tip is to use baking soda to remove the bad odor from the boots. Add some baking soda to a pair of socks and place them inside the boots. Keep this overnight to ensure that the smell is completely removed.

Cleaning the insoles and the insides of the work boots

It is important to clean the insoles and the insides of the boots properly to ensure that there is no bad odor coming from the boots. Before cleaning the insoles and the insides it is important to air-dry the boots overnight. The first step is to take out the insoles and then wash the insoles with a mild detergent. You can use an old toothbrush or even your washing machine but remember to be gentle. If a detergent is not used, then a low pH shampoo can be used. No matter how you choose to wash the insoles, remember to air dry them. Wash the inside of the boots with a damp cloth and a shampoo that has a low pH. Once the smell is no longer there, use a moist cloth to soak up the residue of shampoo. The next step is to dry the boots completely by using a dry cloth.

Once the insides of the boots are completely washed, air-dry the boot by hanging it upside down. It is important to air-dry the boots because applying direct heat can cause the leather to crack and it can also have a devastating effect on the interior stitches. Whenever you wear boots, remember to spray them with deodorant or use powder. Daily application of deodorant or even powder can prevent the buildup of odors and sweat in work boots. Once the insides of the boots have been completely washed, it is important to carry out the conditioning step to moisturize the leather.

how to take care work boots

Conditioning the work boots to take care of them

After the leather boots have been cleaned properly, it is important to apply some kind of conditioning agent to the boots to seal in the moisture. Nick's leather oil or another leather conditioner can be applied. It is important to note that petroleum products should be avoided at all costs. This is because only natural compounds will be able to moisturize the leather. Before applying any conditioning agent, remember to let the boots dry thoroughly.

Gradually work the conditioner into the boots beside the nourishing agent. Wipe away the excess residue, and remember to give the boots a good wipe. You can use the toothbrush to go over the edges, as the edges of the boot also need a lot of care just like the rest of the parts of the boots.

The main benefit of using leather oil is that it will moisturize the leather and it will also prevent cracking or drying of the leather. A leather oil like Nick's leather oil will create a water-repelling barrier to prevent the moisture from escaping. If you want, you can buff the leather boots at this point to give them a superior shine. Conditioning the leather boots is very important because it helps to prevent damage from the sun and other harsh elements of the weather. Conditioning the boots ensure that they will stay in great condition for several years.

Final words

Remember to follow the specific ways stated in the article to get the best results. The material of the boots will determine what kind of treatment they require. A leather boot and the suede boot cannot be handled in the same way. Always remember that your work boots are your foot's best friend. That's it for today! We hope to get back with a new and interesting piece of writing very soon.

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