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Q: What is the difference between a clipper and trimmer?

  • Many people do not know the difference between a clipper and a trimmer. Even though the clipper and trimmer have similar functioning but there is a major difference between both. Clippers are generally used to cut the long hair with the help of guides while trimmers are used for cutting beard. Thus, there is a difference between the functioning of both the tools.

Q: What is zero gap in trimmers/clippers?

  • Zero gap is the name given to the close alignment of the threads of the blade so that the gap between the threads is on the lower side. Even though they do not entirely touch the adjacent threads but the gap between the threads of the blade can be as low as 0.2 MM. They provide completely close cutting/trimming with very less probability of hair getting missed in between.

Q: How long do rechargeable batteries of clippers and trimmers usually last?

  • Generally speaking, the duration for which the rechargeable battery lasts for a clipper or a trimmer is dependent on the type of the battery installed. Lithium ion batteries can easily last for up to 2 hours whereas nickel cadmium batteries last for only one hour. One of the best ways to increase the life of the battery is to completely drain it once every 2 months.

Q: How to ensure that rechargeable battery of clippers and trimmers last long?

  • While there are multiple ways in which you can increase the life of the rechargeable battery in your clipper or trimmer but 2 things can help you in increasing the durability significantly. The 1st thing which you have to ensure is that you should not overcharge the trimmer or the clipper. Secondly, at least once every 2 months, you need to drain the complete battery of the trimmer or the clipper. This would help you in increasing the life of the battery significantly.

Q: Is frequent alignment of blades needed?

  • The frequency at which you need to realign the blades of your trimmer or clipper would be dependent on the frequency of use. If you’re using it at least 4 to 5 times per week, you should at least get the blades aligned once every quarter. This would ensure that the performance of the trimmer or the clipper is up to the mark. If the usage is less, you can get the blades aligned at a lower frequency.

Q: Will my trimmer/clipper work abroad?

  • The 1st thing which you need to check to make sure that your clippers or trimmers work abroad is the voltage level of the power outlets. The voltage level in the European power outlets is generally in the range of 220 V to 240 V. You have to find out whether your clipper or trimmer supports that. Also, in the European countries, the frequency of the power outlets is also 50 Hz. Thus, after checking these 2 settings of the adapter of your trimmer or clipper, you would be able to find out whether it would work abroad or not.

Q: How to align the blades on clipper/trimmers?

  • The 1st thing which you have to do for proper alignment is to loosen the screws so that the blade is able to move a bit. Thereafter, you have to align it with the bottom blade. When it is properly aligned, the left most bit of the top blade should be directly over the first bit of the bottom blade. Once that is achieved, you can tighten the blades screws again.


Q: What are hair clipper guides?

  • Many Clippers today come along with a wide range of guides. For first-time users, the purpose, as well as the functioning of these guides, can be pretty confusing. These guides are needed in order to cut the hair to a uniform and specific length. Along with the guides, you would be able to get the specifications of the length of the haircut as well. You have to just attach the required guide to the hair clipper before starting the cutting. This would enable you to cut their hair in uniform length.

Q: How often should you oil your clipper blades?

  • Regular oiling would ensure that the clipper blades last for a longer period of time. You have to just use 2 to 3 drops of oil across the upper side of the blade. Thereafter, you have to wipe off the excess of oil. You have to make sure that the oil is not reaching the motor area. You should oil your clipper at least twice daily if you are using it for professional use. You can use spraying mechanism in order to oil the clipper.

Hair Trimmers:

Q: Should blade be replaced when hair trimmer starts pulling hair rather than cutting it?

  • Instead of directly resorting to replacing the blades on your trimmer when it starts pulling her, you have to 1st oil it. The lubrication which is provided by oil would most likely ensure that the blades start functioning at proper speed which would result in cutting of the hair rather than pulling it. In case, even after oiling, the blades are pulling the hair rather than cutting it, that is when you have to either sharpen the existing blades or go for newer blades

Q: How often should you oil your hair trimmer blades?

  • Trimmers require oiling less frequently as compared to clippers. Ideally, you should be just roiling the trimmer once a month if you’re using it for personal use. If you’re using it for professional use, you should oil it daily. In a single instance, you should be just using one or 2 drops of oil. Over oiling would lead to damage of the motor as well as the trimmer. After each oiling, you have to wipe off the oil with a clean cloth. This would prevent it from reaching the motor area.

Q: How to clean the trimmer blades?

  • The procedure to clean the trimmer blade is quite easy. You have to 1st turn off the trimmer and remove from the power source. Thereafter, you have to hold it in the downward direction and you have to use the cleaning brush in order to remove the extra hair. You can use a cleaning spray in order to remove the dirt and contaminants as well. After cleaning, it is always a good idea to oil the blades as well. If there is hair stuck in the blades even after using the cleaning spray, you might need to remove the blades in order to clean it thoroughly. Make sure that you are realigning the blades before using the trimmer again.
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