Essential Barber Shop Tools Every Barber Should Have

essential barber shop tools

For a barbershop business to be successful, customers must always be satisfied with the service they get. They want the most experienced hands on their hair and a salon with the best barbering tools.

As a smart barber, you need to know how to satisfy your customers. How well you do it will determine the pace at which your business will grow. Among the most basic things you need to do from the start is to make sure you have the best barber shop tools at work.

Why are tools critical to barber shop business success?​

A barber shop attendant may be well-trained and highly experienced. They might be the most passionate salonists in the city. But without the right barbering tools, their expertise, experience and passion would not be fully optimized. They just can’t make a great haircut. Therefore, tools cannot be compromised. If you want to make a great haircut, have the best haircutting tools always.

Here are the most essential barbering tools that every successful barber should have:​

1. Clippers and trimmers​

Of course, the main business in a barber shop is haircutting and you therefore want to make sure everything about haircutting is perfect.

Investing in the best clippers and trimmers that you can afford is a sure bet to better service provision. You should have several sets of high-quality clippers and trimmers. When you go shopping for these tools, choose them carefully aiming at having clippers and trimmers for different tasks.

Depending on what best suits your customers’ needs, you can get the model with the best style and power to meet those needs. This will enable you to work faster since you’ll be using the most suitable tool for every task. It also makes a lot of sense to have backup trimmers and clippers.

Make sure you have at least:​

  • One detachable clipper for haircutting hair in bulk. Different detachable blade sizes help to control cut lengths.
  • One adjustable clipper – adjustable clippers are better suited for tapering/fading because they have a side lever that is easy to use. This is an economic option as you don’t have to buy additional blades.
  • One T-blade trimmer – designed for delicate tasks such as doing touchups, shapeups, necklines, and outlining

There are clipper and trimmer combos in case you are on a very tight budget. You can get an adjustable clipper + T trimmer combo and then upgrade later.

Also remember to purchase a good storage case for these clippers and trimmers for proper storage.

2. Barber Scissors​

Professional barber scissors greatly complement the clipper work. Even more importantly, there are times when you’ll only need a pair of scissors to get the work done, especially when working on long hair. A decent pair of scissors should be easy to use and is made of durable material.

You need these types of scissors:​

  • Blending or thinning scissors
  • Bigger, heavy-duty shears (for cutting hair over the comb)
  • Smaller scissors (for hair-over-fingers technique)​

3. Combs, Neck Dusters, and Brushes for Barbers

A barber cannot do good work without a comb, really. Also, to make haircuts like a pro, you’ll need a brush and a neck duster. These small barbering tools are a must-have. Luckily, they are quite cheap and available; you won’t any trouble finding and choosing the best for your barbering needs.

4. Barber Shop Mirror(s)​

During and after haircutting activity, your client wants to see the masterpiece you make out of his hair. A large mirror, front and center, would provide your clients with the best views of their head and face. They can comment or complain about anything pertaining what they see while still at the barber shop so that it every cut and trim is done to their satisfaction. Also have a good-sized hand mirror that clients can use to closely check every angle of their haircut. When it’s time for the clients to leave your salon, the large mirror affixed to the wall provides them with a picture of what the world out there will see. If they like it, you have succeeded in booking your next business.

5. Straight Razor for Barbers (for perfect facial hair cuts)​

You cannot forget to make the best out of facial hair. Your clients will come with all sorts of ideas on how to style beard and mustache. You know men and their mustaches and beards – you’ve got to make it happen. Others will come without an idea and rely on you to make the best from their facial hair. But with a high-quality straight razor and a little more focus, everything works out perfectly. If you are a starter, get a good round point with an excellent blade and a fairly strong handle. Or you could go for the high-end straight razor expert barbers use to make the best close shaves – there’s no restriction at all.

6. Tools for Prep Work​

A good stylist does not jump right into the client’s skin with buzzing machines and hard tools without performing some proper prep work. Reliable pre-shave oil and hot towels will make things smoother, healthier and more comfortable. The most recommendable pre-shave oils combine castor and olive oils. Beware of products with synthetics and alcoholic ingredients – they will give your clients a bad experience and your barber shop a bad name. There are customers that have a skin that is easily irritated. Have a bump care lotion at your counter always. It will keep irritation problems at bay and help you to retain customers who’d otherwise go if their specific needs are not taken care of.

7. Barber Shop Tools Sanitizer​

To maintain high standards of health and ensure proper maintenance of your barber shop tools, have an expert-recommended jar of sanitizer. Remember to always have your clippers, trimmers, blades, and combs sanitized between clients.

It’s assumed that other barbering tools such as barber capes and chair are obvious requirements that cannot be forgotten.

With the above barbering tools, you can be sure to provide the neatest, smoothest, and best-styled haircuts your clients will be satisfied with. And you are set to gain a lot from serving satisfied customers. Once a customer likes the service he gets at your salon, he’ll definitely get attached to the salon. Unless the service quality deteriorates later on, this customer remains loyal to your service for long and will always be happy to recommend it to friends.

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Skylar Williams -

Thank you for your tip to sanitize your clippers and other tools between clients. My son wants to learn how to be a barber, but we haven’t found a school for him yet. I’ll pass this tip onto him, so he can start learning right away.


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