Top 5 Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet 2022 | Reviews & Guide

Whether you like skiing as a sport or recreation, you will need skiing boots as they are very important for skiing. Without ski boots, it's going to be impossible for you to go downhill. A quality pair of boots can have a colossal effect on your general skiing experience. So what are your preferences? Do you prefer comfort above all? Do you want all-rounder ski boots that can do it all?

No matter what, comfortable boots are necessary. Nothing ruins a decent skiing day quicker than cold and agonizing feet. Wearing uncomfortable skiing boots can cause excruciating pain and having to deal with a worn-out set of boots can stop the skier from enjoying the aspects of skiing.

Modern ski boots can come in many different styles. There are a few different types of ski boots. There are alpine or downhill ski boots, hybrid ski boots, and even backcountry or touring ski boots. The feet size of the skier is also very important when selecting the right ski boots. When picking out ski boots, you need ones that will fit well. Although there is a wide range of ski boots available in the market, it is not easy to track down a pair of ski boots that are appropriate for you, especially if you have wide feet.

Alpine or downhill boots for skiing are for those who go for skiing in the resort and they generally work well for those skiers who spend the majority of their time riding up the lifts. For those skiers who will venture outside the resort, backcountry boots for wide feet are the best. They are manageable and enable the skiers to go uphill while skiing. Hybrid ski boots are great for both backcountry skiing and skiing in the resort.

It is a quite challenging task to figure out the measurements of the ski boots, especially if the skier has wide feet. The most common measurement used for downhill ski boots is the Mondo sizing. This special system of sizing measures the length of the feet in millimeters, but usually, it's measured in centimeters as well. The sizes of the boots can differ due to differences in brands, and it's wise to try on the boots before purchasing them, even if you know the size. Boots that do not fit well can present many problems in performances over the slope.

If you have wide feet then it might be a problem when looking for good ski boots, but if you are still planning on hitting the slopes and going for skiing, then this article is for you. Before choosing the best ski boots for wide feet, you need to consider some options like the width of the boots, or even the smaller features such as insulation. After all this, you should check the stiffness of the ski boots. If the boots are very stiff, you will need more skill to wear them.

If you are a man or a woman who has wide feet and if you find it difficult to get the ski boots that are right for you, then this article is just for you. Here is a rundown on the 6 best ski boots for wide feet.

1. Tecnica Ten.2 70 HVL Ski Boots

The Tecnica Ten.2 70 HVL men's ski boots are the ideal boots for the amateur to intermediate skiers that no longer want to endure rental boots. The Ten.2 70 offers the ideal mix of fit, elegance and simplicity, comfort and solace, and also warmth, without making compromises with performance and they will offer longer periods of utilization.

The men's Ten.2 70 HVL boot includes an anatomically formed shell that holds the foot in the correct spots. It is intended to fit the more extensive sized feet compared to normal feet. We don't prescribe this boot to somebody with tight feet. The generous 70 flex enables the amateur skier to get into the turn and it certainly boosts the morale of the skier and helps the skier to go the next level.

The Ten.2 70 has i-Rebound Construction that is resistant to forward flex. It has support towards the back and added a rebound so that skiers can have absolute control when they are skiing. These boots have a milder plastic over the highest point of the feet and this allows the wearer to easily take the boots on and off. An UltraFit HVL Liner can be warmed for some slight customization and additional comfort for you to glide over the snow-covered mountains.

Overall, these are one of the best ski boots for wide feet.


  • Designed for those who are learning skiing and also for the intermediate level skiers.
  • There is a soft plastic coating on the inside which makes it very easy to take these boots on and off.
  • On a scale of 40 to 130, it has been given a flex rating of 70. These top ski boots for wide feet are perfect for intermediate level learners and those who want to improve their skiing skills quickly.
  • These comfortable ski boots for wide feet have HVL width which means the High Volume Last liner. This system is specially designed for skiers who have wider feet. This ensures there is plenty of space for comfort inside the boots.
  • These boots are best suited to larger calves often referred to as athletic calves. The openings of the boots are specifically designed to ensure better comfort and at the same time, it promotes the best performance, during skiing.
  • Tecnica Ten.2 70 HVL ski boots have an i-Rebound system with a metal plate attaching the upper part of the cuff muscle to the lower part of the shell that allows the wearer to move the feet forward.
  • Although these boots are budget-friendly, these boots offer the best performance and they are the top ski boots for wide feet, in the market.


  • Very few people complained that the boots were tight fitting.

Other than this, there were no shortcomings. These are not only one of the best ski boots for wide feet, but also, the most comfortable ones out there. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours quickly.

2. Dalbello Kyra MX 70 W Women’s Ski Boots

The Dalbello Women's Kyra MX 70 Ski Boots are targeted towards those who wish to be advanced skiers. It has a unique design that allows the wearer to flex the feet, and it also gives excellent lateral and backward control.  These boots are perfect for women who have medium to wide feet and calves.

The liner inside these boots has Tyrolean wool that provides extra insulation for the feet. These special boots feature a ski/walk feature that makes it easier to move when you are not turning around on snow. Another noticeable feature is the hike/ski cuff that is designed to be as wide as women's feet. These boots have a Contour 4 Drive & Control Technology that allows for supreme performance when skiing.

Dalbello Kyra ski boots have a special expandable cuff, which allows the wearer to adjust up to 5 cm to accommodate different sized feet. The cuff is designed to be lightweight and it is also removable, which allows the expansion of the boot top opening. The heels are narrow and the forefeet are wide to help female skiers. It also allows helping with power transmission and long-lasting comfort.

Due to the Contour 4 Fit technology, the boots fit perfectly and also minimalize the hot spots that many skiers experience. Center-balanced rocker stance enables the skier to stay centered over the optimal place for action during skiing, and it also requires much less effort.


  • It has a unique Cabrio design.
  • These women's ski boots for wide calves are a perfect fit for women, especially for those who have wider feet than average and have difficulties in finding a suitable size for them.
  • These are one of the best ski boots for women and these ski boots are equipped with Dura-Grip replaceable toes or heels.
  • There is an adjustable rear cuff spoiler (plastic wedge) between the shell and the liner at the back of the boot adjacent to the calf muscle.
  • Excessively tight ski boots can strain the calf muscles. Thankfully, these are not tight and they are one of the most comfortable ski boots for wide feet.
  • Flex control allows the wearer to flex the feet forwards.
  • There are aluminum buckles and special micro buckles. Since these boots have micro-adjustable buckles, it will enable you to find the correct level of tightness.
  • The upright Center Balance Stance enables you to make side cuts and allows for more power and control with less effort.
  • The toe box is spacious and comfortable with a length of 103 mm.
  • There are special women´s low profile geometry cuffs.
  • Super comfort liner makes these the most comfortable ski boots for women and it keeps the feet warm in any conditions.


  • The only drawback is that the warranty is only one year.

3. Rossignol Kelia 50 Ski Boots Women’s

The Rossignol Kelia 50 women's boots are intended to offer an agreeable fit and it gives amazing performance for the intermediate skiers. The 50 flex rating is overall quite delicate permitting skiers to effortlessly flex the boot to initiate turns. The forefoot width is 104 mm which ensures a comfortable fit and enables blood circulation in the feet, so that warmth is maintained. The boot is designed with a 3 buckle closure system and its unique features include wide cuff buckles.

If you intend to glide over slopes effortlessly, using your ski boots, then these Rossignol Kelia 50 women's boots are a perfect match for you. If you are a woman who has larger ankles and heels, and you struggle to find the right boots for you, then look no further. These Rossignol boots are your match made in heaven.  The inside of these boots is spacious and allows room for your legs to ensure breathability. The instep height is much higher and this is ideal for women skiers with tall insteps and even for those who had problems for circulation.

The boots enhance circulation in the feet and hence create an overall warmer experience. Most importantly, the calf-height is lower which ensures that these boots are spacious for skiers with wider or lower calf muscles. A common complaint among skiers out there is that they feel that their calves are getting pinched, but these boots have been engineered in such a way that they have lower cuff heights, and so this problem has been solved. The credits go to the unique three-buckle system that ensures the wearer can flex the feet, and this creates a comfortable experience.

Since the buckles are micro-adjustable, women skiers can easily change the fitting, even when they are skiing. The unique Comfort Fit liner is re-adjustable that ensures a secure and comfortable fit, to make these the most comfortable women's ski boots for wide calves. The Kelia 50 is highly comfortable and performs exceptionally well for women skiers who are beginners or intermediate learners.


  • These are the best women's ski boots for wide calves because snow and other forms of moisture cannot enter inside the toe box and this helps to keep the inside of the boots very warm.
  • The unique Comfort Fit Liner is adjustable and this gives a nice secure feeling when you are wearing these boots.
  • The 50 flex rating allows women to initiate turns on the snow-covered slopes.
  • Micro-adjustable aluminum buckles allow women to change the fitting even when they are skiing.
  • These boots are wide enough and they are spacious to allow breathability. This easily makes them one of the best ski boots for women, on the market.
  • These large volume boots come with a higher instep height, and this is good for skiers with tall insteps who have problems with circulation.


  • Not budget-friendly.
  • If you buy online and have issues with finding your size, then these boots are not free to return, after purchase.

4. Salomon Quest Access 80 Ski Boots Men’s

The Salomon Quest Access 80 ski boots are designed especially for beginner and intermediate level skiers. These boots are perfect for men who have wide forefeet. There is a special "Ride & Hike Technology" that has a switch situated at the rear end of the boots and this switch can be unlocked to ensure easy walking on the slopes. The Quest Access 80 boots have a very convenient shape for those men who have wider feet and struggle to find the perfect boots for them.

These boots have an oversized pivot joining the upper cuff to the lower shell and this enables the skier to direct pressure to the edges of the skis for even distribution of pressure. There is a Ratchet Cuff Buckle that can house very wide calves to provide comfort for the feet and ensure that they are secured in the boots. The "Woolmetal Insulation" is made of metallic polyester and wool, to keep the feet warm, even when it's cold outside. The Salomon Quest Access 80 ski boots have a 104 mm size and it is great for wider feet as it's very spacious.

There is a special "Custom Fit Comfort Liner" that has a unique layer that can be shaped using heat and pressure. This layer can be heated to ensure a comfortable fitting. If you are looking for boots that will fit medium-wide feet, then a pair of these boots are exactly what you need. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of these boots and slip your feet into these.

Since these boots have a flex rating of 80, these are slightly stiffer and more advanced level boots. The boot flex is actually how much the boot will resist when a person leans in with slightly bended knees and pushes the feet forward in perfect fitting alpine boots. So, boot flex measures how flexible or malleable the boot is in the forward direction.

The flex of ski boots shows how soft or hard the outer parts of the boots are. If the flex of the boot is high, the boots will be stiff. When the boots are stiff, they will pass on the movements more accurately to the skis. If the boots convey the power more precisely to the skis, it will be an advantage for expert skiers but a drawback for the newcomers. A high flex number is more direct in control, whereas a low flex number is more forgiving. Men's boots have a flex rating typically between 80 and 130, and these boots have the perfect flex for the average men with wider feet.

You can become doubtful about the fitting of your boots. So, the general guideline is that you should have room to move your toes, but the boots should fit tightly in the heel area. The ski boots should fit perfectly around your feet and there shouldn't be any pressure points on the feet. It's always important that your boots are comfortable and these Salomon Quest Access 80 ski boots ensure that your feet receive the care that they need.


  • Comfort is the most important feature when looking for boots for wide feet. These boots are spacious and comfortable, making them the perfect choice for recreational skiers.
  • A bend or arc of fabric at the top of the tongue makes it easier to take these boots on and off. There is a wide strap at the top of the boot and this ensures great performance while skiing.
  • These boots come with replaceable toe and heel pads so that you can easily replace the soles once they have worn out.
  • The Salomon Quest Access 80 ski boots have micro-adjustable plastic buckles that are lightweight. Since these are micro-adjustable unlike the buckles in most of the boots, you can clamp down these boots anywhere.
  • A unique switch with two levers, situated at the back of the boots ensures that the skiers can switch between three modes of the ride, hike, and lock. Hike offers maximum independence for easy walking, while the lock is the downhill race performance.
  • There are extra layers of heat flexible foam in feet areas to ensure the ultimate comfort.


  • While Salomon touts the oversized pivot joining the upper cuff to the lower shell, they don’t provide any extra benefits.
  • There is not much flex in walk mode.

5. Salomon X Access 60 Wide Ski Boots Women’s

The Salomon X-Access 60 W Wide ski boots are an amazing option for those who have wider than average feet and leg shape. It's truly a great choice for those who are beginner or intermediate level skiers. Salomon's Twin frame Technology utilizes a harder plastic on the sole of the boot that includes energy transmission and responsiveness, as you discover your usual range of familiarity on the slopes during skiing. There is a unique flex toe box and the flex calf zone in the liner is made of a delicate material that molds itself according to your feet, once your toes are inside these boots.

These boots feature extraordinary women's specific cuff and women's specific liner that ensure that your feet are secured and comfortable inside the boots. Salomon's 24mm oversized pivot links the lower shell and the upper cuff. This allows sending the power directly to your skis for controlled and effortless performance during skiing. There are altogether two key technologies that ensure that these ski boots are a perfect match: the intuitive shell for easy stepping in and the flex liner for flexibility and ultimate comfort.

There is also a 28 mm strap to hold the feet firmly and offer superb elasticity. The material is polyolefin which is a softer material to allow lightness and allow feet to glide on effortlessly. In addition to fitting the forefeet perfectly, these women's ski boots for wide calves fit generously on the top of the feet, and since these boots are spacious, it allows enhanced circulation. If you are a woman who always gets a pinching feeling when you are wearing higher-cuffed boots, then these boots are just right for you, because you will not get that feeling.

Since the flex rating is 60, it allows intermediate skiers and even newcomers to bend their ankles in these boots. The instep of the foot is also accommodated and so nothing will hinder the blood flow, ensuring that your feet stay warm for long hours. As you flex your feet forward in these boots, you will be able to initiate turns with your skis. The 60 flex is just right for those women skiers who need to work out some moves and self-confidence before moving to rough terrain.

You will be surprised at how much better you will gradually become with time, as you flex your feet forward in these boots and initiate turns. The Salomon X-Access 60 W Wide ski boots are the top ski boots for wide feet and these are true for advancing ladies.


  • The boot is designed with an extra-wide forefoot of 104 mm and this makes the boots more spacious. This allows for more room for the toes and it easily makes these boots the most comfortable ski boots for wide feet.
  • These boots have a flex rating of 60 which makes the flex very soft and forgiving. This makes it easy for the women to bend their toes and ankles inside the boots.
  • The Twin frame Technology allows enhanced control and energy to the skis.
  • The unique flex toe box and flex calf zone in the liner are made from soft materials that conform to the shape of your feet, once you slip into these boots.
  • The women's specific cuff and women's specific liner keep the feet firmly inside the boots.
  • The oversized pivot ensures that the energy is directed towards the skis for effortless skiing.
  • These women-specific ski boots feature 4 micrometric buckles to ensure proper fit.


  • These boots do not have hike mode.

Final Word

Overall, these boots are for those women who are looking for all-rounder skiing boots. If you are a woman who has wider than average feet, then these women's ski boots for wide calves are a match made in heaven for you.

If you are looking for great ski boots that have room for wide feet, are easy to take on and off, and still offer exceptionally good performance on the ski hills, then these highest quality ski boots are just what you are looking for. Since these boots are such high-quality, they may cost a little extra. But, if you're a top-notch skier, then you should be willing to pay the little extra price, no matter what.

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