Best Shoe To Wear With Walking Boot 2022 Tested | Full Reviews(Top Hand Made Guide)

Your legs are one of the hardest working parts of your body as they support all your weight and stabilize you. In case your feet get injured, wearing walking boots helps. Walking boots put much less strain on your legs. To allow the injured foot to bear a little weight, you should find the best shoe to wear with a walking boot.

  • Improves uneven gait
  • Improves balance
  • Eliminates low back pain
  • Fits left or right foot
  • Imported
  • Designed for protection
  • Adjustable Velcro toes
  • Free removable inserts
  • Fits left or right foot

Bones heal better if you have injured feet and choose to wear walking boots. If you wear a cast around your injured feet, it becomes difficult to walk. Hence, you should read this article to find good shoes to wear along with a walking boot. Let’s meet our best 8!

1. Even up Shoe Leveler, Medium (Shoe Sizes 9-11), Each

Even up Shoe Leveler is the answer to your hip and knee pain caused by your uneven walking due to the walking boots you were wearing. Your uneven walking could have been caused by a hip replacement surgery which results in uneven leg lengths.

Even up provides around 1-inch lift to help overcome the additional height brought about due to wearing orthotic walking boots, for example. Even up will improve your balance and walking by eliminating the differences in leg length.

Even up easily attaches to the shoe of the limb that is not affected and it reduces the pressure on your legs. Even up was developed by foot specialists that saw the need for a simple, effective way to help patients.


  • The rubber and loop straps hold it in place inside the shoes
  • Eliminates low back pain and hip pain due to walking with a cast
  • Includes 2 layer non-skid rubber outer soles
  • Does not add bulk to your boots


  • It can slip off despite the extra straps

2. Procare ShoeLift Shoe Balancer, Medium

The Procare ShoeLift Shoe Balancer is simple and easy to use. The Procare Shoe Lift uses a unique design that helps to make the limbs of the patient the same length when the person wears these. It reduces body strain when you are wearing a cast around your feet. Easily removable and replaceable, the ShoeLift comes in three available sizes.

The measurement of the soles present in the shoes is used to determine the appropriate sizes. You can wear the Procare ShoeLift Balancer on your left or right foot or even both! It has a sturdy rubber sole that prevents slippage when you are wearing these. We assure you that within 24 hours of wearing this, your back and hip will be aligned properly and you will feel so much better!

If your feet have suffered from multiple fractures, then this shoe balancer is for you.


  • Adds 1-inch height
  • Added height aligns your body properly
  • Reduces strain due to unnatural walking
  • Rubber straps can be adjusted for proper fit


  • Does not have exchangeable foam lifts

3. Original Evenup™ Shoe Balancer/Leveler - Equalize Limb Length and Reduce Body Strain While Walking (Small)

Are you suffering from back, hip, or knee pain due to wearing orthopedic walking boots? Do you have differences in leg length because of recent hip replacement surgery? Even up is the answer to all your problems! Now, you can easily walk in your comfortable boots with the help of Even up.

The Original Evenup™ Shoe Balancer will help you to maintain balance and it will lessen your fear of falling due to being unbalanced. It reduces limping and hip problems due to wearing walking boots. These are easy to wear and stay on tight. These are also comfortable to wear but they are a little slippery on wooden floors. It has two unique soles to choose from.

It is generally best to choose an Evenup™ a little too small rather than a little too big. The Original Evenup™ Shoe Balancer is worth every penny.


  • Walk on even footing with the help of Even up
  • Makes walking pain-free
  • Evens up leg length


  • Sizes aren’t right

4. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

The ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe keeps the dressing on your feet clean and the toes dry. It gives stable protection after surgeries and operations and prevents forefeet trauma. The square toe design acts as a bumper and provides extra space so that your feet feel comfortable.

The shoe comes with high ankle strapping which helps to keep your feet firmly in position. A strong rocker sole allows for ease of walking from place to place. It also reduces pressure. The universal fitting of the Procare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe allows it to be worn on both the right and left foot.

The ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op shoes come in four different sizes. However, these shoes lack the steel rods on the sides of the ankle.


  • Allows dressing to be kept clean and toes remain dry
  • Protects the feet after operation and forefoot trauma
  • High ankle strapping keeps the feet firmly in place
  • Rigid rocker sole allows ease of movement & reduces pressure
  • Provides stable protection after post-operative procedures


  • Does not protect broken toes

5. SupRikse Height Enhancing Shoe - Reduce Body Strain While Walking Equalize Limb Length (Shoe Sizes: Men's 8.5 - 10.5 / Women's 9 - 11)

If you've had surgery for plantar fasciitis and you are wearing walking boots, then we highly recommend the SupRikse Height Enhancing shoes. Not only does it make the limbs the same length when you wear these, but it also reduces body strain.

The shoe balancer provides excellent support that improves balance and it helps to eliminate low back pain and hip pain caused by wearing walking boots. The lift that it provides is of great help when you are walking with your surgical boots on.

This is an absolute must for patients who need to wear an orthopedic boot or walking cast to prevent developing hip, back, or knee pain in their other limb.


  • Two strapping attaches the shoe of the non-affected limb
  • The rubber and hook and loop straps hold it firmly inside the shoes
  • Lightweight shoes absorb shock
  • Can be worn on the right or left foot


  • Has a strange smell

6. BootBud Shoe Lift (Medium, Black)

If walking with your boots on has left you in agony, then the BootBud leveler is the right option for you. It may take you a few tries to find the right shoe combination with BootBud, but once you do, you will thank us for suggesting BootBud Shoe Lift.

If you suffer from a great deal of back and hip pain, and if you have recently undergone foot surgery, then the BootBud will work wonders for you. It will never come off, and it will not slip from one side to the other. It will not damage your shoes either.

Using the removable insert, BootBud can be customized to add 3/4" or 1 1/4" of extra height to your chosen shoes. BootBud is the most secure and well-known shoe leveling device on the market. You will not regret buying this shoe leveler.


  • Lifts your shoes to make you stay even
  • Free removable inserts
  • Adjustable Velcro toes and heel straps
  • Fits left or right foot


  • No closure at the back
  • Can cause further injury

7. Ergoactives Level-Up Shoe Balancer for Injury Boots Size Medium and only for Shoe Sizes (M 7-10, W 7.5-9)

The top-quality shoe balancer prevents slipping, something that other shoe balancers fail to prevent. The unique Ergoactives Level-Up Shoe Balancer has been created by an orthopedic surgeon with the wearer's best interest in mind. Although the shoe balancer comes in only one size, men that wear size 7-10 and women that wear size 7-9.5 can use the Velcro straps to adjust to the boot's correct size.

The balancer matches the height of the user’s shoe to the opposite leg that has a cast around it. The balancer is used to compensate for the differences in height of both feet. This product has been designed specifically for the foot that is not injured. The product should never be used without a normal shoe. The boots feature a sole measurement between 8.5 inches and 11.5 inches for men.


  • Takes away the uncomfortable feeling due to uneven height
  • Gives elevated height for matching up both feet
  • Durable and rugged. Can be used for a longer period of time


  • Difficult to adjust with buttons on sides

8. Advanced Orthopaedics Aero Walker Low Top Air Cam Walking Boot, Small - Men’s Size 4 1/2 - 7, Women’s Size 6 – 8

Advanced Orthopaedics boots provide the ample support and protection that your foot needs to heal from an injury. Whether you’ve sprained your ankle or whether you are recovering from foot surgery, the best shoes to wear with walking boots will allow you to continue your activities without putting pressure on the injured foot.

Advanced Orthopaedics walkers are comfortable and easy to use. As you walk, it absorbs the impact caused by every step. These have been designed to make walking with a fractured or sprained leg, a breeze. The Advanced Orthopaedics Aero Walker even immobilizes injured areas for quick healing. Make walking as smooth and natural as possible while absorbing the impact of each step. It may take a little longer to strap in but it’s worth it.


  • Specially designed toe guard for protection
  • Cushioned soles for greater shock absorption
  • Fits left or right foot
  • Inflatable bladder increases immobilization of the lower leg


  • Too much extra room

Most Appropriate Shoes to Wear with Walking Boots: A Buyer’s Guide

Shoe balancers are worn to aid the healing procedure after an injury. Instead of wasting money on a new pair of walking shoes, buy a shoe balancer which will make it very easy for you to walk. Most balancers have the universal design which means that it can fit either your right foot or left foot.

The best shoe to wear with a walking boot should equalize both the leg lengths, it should improve balance and reduce your limping. These shoes are specifically designed to be fitted on the walking boots.

When your legs are not on the same level, it could become difficult to walk. It is not just uncomfortable, it could also make it more difficult for your injured foot to heal, and it would also exert a lot of pressure on your foot. Therefore, you need a quality shoe to wear with the walking boot. The shoes which have been designed for this purpose will keep your feet balanced.

Before buying good shoes to wear with a walking boot, you should check out the following features:

1. Design

The patented design of the best shoes to wear with walking boots should have a hook and loop straps that are used to securely hold it in place. Rubber outer soles should ensure a firm grip on the ground when walking. The outer soles can be made from corrugated rubber.

The design can include removable inserts that are used to adjust the shoe to the height that provides comfort. Adjustable Velcro straps for heels and toes secure the user's feet in place. The balancer should be slip-resistant and should provide balance.

The design of this shoe balancer can also include the non-elastic straps that have specifically been designed to be firm. They can be adjusted according to your shoe size. This eliminates the problem of your shoes slipping off.

2. Ease of Use

When you wear shoes, you need to put in a lot of effort to fasten them to the leg. But with a shoe balancer, the shoes can be easily fastened to the healthier leg. The Velcro straps are straightforward and it is easy to fasten the shoes. Just strap the shoes for a snug fit. It is hassle-free. If a shoe balancer can be worn on both the right and left leg, then it becomes much easier to use.

The front and mid straps can be adjusted for a perfect fit. The best shoes to wear with walking boots should give you the option of either hand-washing or machine-washing, and that is what will make it easy to use.

The shoes to wear with walking boots should be appropriate to be worn by both men and women. Adjustment of the Velcro straps should be effortless so that no time is wasted. Most importantly, the good shoes to wear with a walking boot should be easy to clean. But, it is advisable not to dry clean, bleach, machine-wash or use fabric softeners. Hand-wash the components with mild soap and water.

3. Comfort

Comfort matters a lot because the wrong size can cause uneven gait and discomfort. Look for a brand that features different shoe sizes to meet your needs.

Whether you are looking for small, medium sizes, or extra-large sizes, you cannot go wrong with the brands that we have mentioned in this article. The best shoes to wear with walking boots also come in different sizes and heights. This will give your fractured or sprained ankle what it needs for a quick recovery.

To ensure comfort, make sure that you choose shoes with free removable inserts that can be used to adjust the height of the shoes for customized fitting. The shoes also need to provide a lift of around 1 inch. Choose a model that has a universal fit.

When designing the shoe levelers, orthopedic doctors made them in such a way, so that they provide comfort. The features such as slip-resistance, adjustable straps, and durable construction combine to ensure that you are comfortable all the time. The adjustable straps provide comfort but you need to adjust them to the correct position.

Make sure that the shoes are lightweight. Many people complain about bulky shoes. Special emphasis needs to be put on adjustable Velcro straps which give the users a customized fitting. The lightweight design will mean that the shoes you wear with walking boots will not be heavy. So, they will not add bulk to your feet.


After reviewing so many products, we have concluded that Even up Shoe Leveler is the one that is worth every penny. It has all the practical and tactical features that you need and it does not come with any drawbacks.

What makes this extraordinary is that although it is simple, it is reliable. If you have undergone foot surgery, then walking is probably very difficult for you. If you wear a balancer, your injured foot that is strapped to a walking cast will align with your non-injured foot.

So, the EvenUp Shoe Leveler will put less strain on your knees, hips, feet, and back. This will ensure that your injured foot recovers much faster, with the proper rest. But, it is not advisable for you to walk around a lot, even if you wear the best shoes with walking boots. The strain on your feet will delay the recovery.

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