Best Red Wing Logger Boots Reviewed | Full Guide 2022

Out of all the harsh and dangerous lines of business, the job of a logger stays at one of the topmost positions of danger. Given the usage of heavy and sharp pieces of machinery, a logger needs several safety accessories to survive their work hours and to save themselves from any unwanted injuries.

Besides other safety gear, a good pair of logger work boots are a must for a person in the logging industry. Because it does not matter if you are cutting or scaling the thickest trunk of the tree or traversing through the forest in search of the next tree you will be logging, you are required to put on the best logger boots to stay safe.

While some of us attend meetings in an air-conditioned room, the loggers are out there in the open sky taking risks after risks. At the same time, we believe no job is too small and every job requires you to have specific safety gear. So, to understand the importance of a pair of logger work boots better let us know who a logger is and what he does.

  • Nitrile Cork Outsole
  • Oil and chemical-resistant
  • Leather heel pocket
  • Oil-tanned high-quality leather
  • Leather heel pocket
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • High-quality full-grain leather
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and comfortable

A logger is a person who cuts down trees, processes them and then transfers them to a specific location. This is an ancient profession that requires you to work in different weather conditions and use different mechanical equipment to get your work done.

However, this line of business requires you to toil on your feet the whole day, no matter what. That is why having a pair of logger work boots that possesses the most safety features needed by a logger along with comfort is very imperative.

Now that we know how risky it is to work in the logging industry, we know the importance of safety gear needed by a professional logger. We want you to stay safe and work effectively throughout the day. So, we are here with some of the best logger boots reviews available in  the market.

Find Best Red Wing Logger Boots Reviews 2020

1. Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger 6" Boot

The Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger 6" Boot is a great looking rough and tough pair that offers durability and comfort. The title Iron Ranger was given after the hard-working miners of Minnesota's Northern Iron Range. From this, we already get the idea about the rugged construction of these red wing logger boots.

They are made from 100% USA-made premium quality leather. Also, this Iron Ranger comes in two leather colors. One is Balck harness and the other is Amber harness. Since it is natural leather, it is very easy to get scuffs on them. But no worries dear loggers, this type of leather makes it very easy for the scuffs to be removed. All you need is a soft dry cloth to rub it off.

Since we have been talking about removing the scuffs, let us also tell you about the easy cleaning system that makes the maintenance effortless. If any debris gets stuck to your boots, you are recommended by the manufacturer to use warm water and a soft-bristle brush. After cleaning it with warm water, take a clean and dry cloth to remove the remaining debris. And you are good to go!

The handsome outlook is doubled due to the detailed contrast stitching which also makes the boots long-lasting. Additionally, the welt construction is hand-built with high-quality leather. The welted sole makes the boots flexible to resole when necessary.

Iron Ranger features an easy lacing system with silver durable eyelets and high polished hooks at the top. The shaft measures 6.5 inches from the arch. At the same time, the boots feature a heel measuring 1 inch and the platform measuring around half an inch high. The slightly high platform and heel are known to serve a logger with extra benefits in the forest.

Iron Ranger 6 inches feature a nitrile cork sole which is a combination of high-quality cork and nitrile rubber. This gives average traction along with oil and chemical-resistant properties. The outlook of the nitrile cork outsole is plain and smooth.

While the upper front part comes with a fine leather stitch, it features a leather bump toe as well. This specific characteristic makes it roomier at the front so that your toes can hang in there freely with comfort. Moreover, this leather toe cap is double layered for extra protection. At the back, there is also a leather heel pocket.

Let us now talk about the inside of this boot. For the utmost comfort on the inside, you are recommended to break in the boots. After breaking in and with every use, it cradles your feet to its natural position and pressure and that is the outstanding form of comfort these red wing logger boots are designed to give. As a result, these are known to mold to your feet over time.

Lastly, the manufacturers themselves recommended you to size down to a half or a 1 full size to get the perfect fit. As they come a bit larger than your usual shoe size.


  • 100% USA-made premium quality leather
  • Easy to remove scuffs and easy to clean
  • The outlook features detailed contrast stitching offering durability
  • Nitrile Cork Outsole
  • Oil and chemical-resistant
  • Double layered leather bump toe
  • Leather heel pocket
  • Overtime it molds to the natural position of your feet


  • They are not true to the size and come a bit larger. You are recommended to gown 1 size or half for your perfect fit

2. Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger 6" Vibram Boot

This is another one from our Red Wing logger boots series. The Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger 6" Vibram Boot is handsomely built to endure the toughest of environments. As we all know, the name Iron Ranger itself portrays a sturdy lifestyle of the miners. As a result, being a logger, you already know you are here to know details about the right pair of logger work boots that you should be purchasing next.

If we look at the outer parts, it features a USA-made full grain oil-tanned leather. At the same time, it comes with contrast stitching in the upper parts. It has a reinforced toe cap that gives the red wing logger boots a rough handling and a classic look. Also, the double-layered toe cap is quadruple stitched. At the back, it has a leather heel pocket that stretches up to the top of the boots adding a nice outlook.

For your security and comfort in every wear, it does come with a standard lace-up system with speed hooks at the top. This helps in customizing the fit that meets your needs.

On the other hand, the inside has a soft leather lining. This lining is the reason why you can keep wearing them with comfort even during the hot days. Additionally, being a logger you do realize that the hard work you do makes you all sweaty. As your feet remain covered, that part becomes damp and uncomfortable while working for a long time. But this lining can absorb all that moisture keeping your feet all cool and dry.

The insole is a leathered one. While many of you may think leather footbeds are not that comfortable, we can reassure you that this pair of red wing logger boots is one of the best logger boots in the matter of comfort. Because with regular use, it molds to the natural shape of your feet and this gives you the feel of a customized fit. Moreover, the ankle area also features soft leather which provides stability.

The Heritage features a nitrile cork outsole. This durable rubber lug outsole is connected to the upper part with Goodyear welt construction which is triple stitched in that area. It is a pair of lightweight logger boots as it weighs around 1 lb 6 oz for size 9. As an illustration, we can take a look at the slender construction of the boots which gives the idea about the lightweight property and comfort.


  • Oil-tanned high-quality leather
  • Double layered reinforced toe cap
  • Leather heel pocket
  • Standard lace-up system with speed hooks
  • Soft leather lining on the inside
  • Sweat absorption properties
  • Leather footbed easily molds to your feet
  • Durable nitrile cork outsole
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • They are not true to their sizes. They come larger than your usual shoe size. So, it is better if you go a size down

3. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Engineer Boot

We would recommend you to go with these logger work boots if you are here for authentic and genuine quality. Also, if you are in search of a durable pair of somewhat high shaft boots, Red Wing Heritage Men's Engineer Boots are the perfect pair.

From great fashion to feature, it has all. This old-school designed engineer boot is made from genuine leather. From the outlook of it, the first thing that happens to catch our eyes is the extra buckles and straps. Let us tell you, those are there for your snugness. They allow you to loosen and tighten and thus get a perfect fit according to your convenience. There are two such straps, one at the top and other around the bridge area or right above the midfoot. Also, at the end of the straps, there is silver metal hardware.

The Engineer boots feature nitrile cork outsole which is oil-resistance. At the same time, these red wing logger boots are built with Goodyear welt construction. So, we know they are built to last. In terms of traction, they perform very well in the dry surfaces and fairly well in the wet surfaces when you are logging.

On the other hand, when it's snowing they do not perform that well. They are even known to slide down the snowy roads. But for other surfaces, they are reasonably good with other great functions.

For the sizing, like other red wing logger work boots, they are known to run a little bigger. So, you are recommended to go a half or a whole size down than your normal street shoes to get that perfect fit.

For the professional loggers out there, you know the importance of high heels while doing your job. The good news for you is that they come with a heel that measures around 1.5 inches and the platform measures nearly 0.25 inches. Additionally, the handsome plain design of these logger boots depicts the quality.

Once you buy this pair and start using it, you will know where the price comes from. They are handmade by some of the best professional cobblers and they are made in the USA. One piece of advice from us is to wait until you break them in to experience the real comfort they offer.


  • High shaft measures around 9.5 inches from the arch
  • Made from premium quality leather
  • Straps with silver buckles for getting  that perfect fit
  • Nitrile cork outsole
  • Oil-resistant sole
  • High heel and platform
  • The opening is pretty wide. Measures around 14 inches
  • Hand-built old-school boots
  • Rugged Goodyear Welt construction


  • Does not run true to the sizes
  • Known to perform poorly in snowy surfaces

4. Red Wing Heritage Men's Moc 6" Boot

The Red Wing Heritage Men's Moc 6" Boot is one of the most rugged-looking modish boots in our list of best logger boots. Red Wing is known well for all their classic models and this 6 inch Moc toe is one of their signature models. The complete sole and upper color contrasting part along with the comfort on the inside make these boots a wholesome pair without any doubt.

You can call them a pair of natural beauty boots. Because when they come with high-quality legacy Red Wing leather, they do not come with a lot of chemical finishing. So, now you know the good looks of these logger work boots are all-natural. However, the other piece of information that we have been waiting to give you is the variety of colors it comes with. You will have the options to choose from Black Prairie, Copper Rough and Tough, Navy Portage, Oxblood Mesa, Concrete Rough and Tough and many more.

You need to trust us when we say many more. This is one of the best logger boots that comes with such versatility. Do have a look at all the handsome colors by clicking on the ‘Check price on Amazon’ button. You will not regret, we assure you!

Next, comes the durability of these Moc toe boots. The triple stitching throughout shows the sturdy nature and the stability it provides. Another thing is the Goodyear welt construction. Apart from other functionalities, just by looking at these two features, you can tell these are built to last.

These red wing logger work boots are made from water repellent leather which has a classic lacing system with seven eyelets. Furthermore, you can pair them up with any outfit if you ever feel the need to wear them casually. They work as an all-rounder pair of boots. You can just sneak into that party after your work with style.

Let us delve into the inside. It has a soft and smooth leather lining that can absorb moisture from your feet keeping it all healthy and comfy. Moreover, the footbed is a leather one. As we know, leather insoles give you a custom fit by molding into the natural shape of your feet with time. As time goes by, they get more pleasant and comfortable.

The crepe outsole is very flexible and gives maximum traction in almost all kinds of surfaces including snowy grounds. Additionally, they absorb shock and vibration. This feature gives you added support while wearing them in any environment.


  • USA-made high-quality legacy leather
  • Comes in various ranges of colors to choose from
  • Triple stitching ensures durability
  • Is resoleable as it is built on Goodyear welt construction
  • Water repellent
  • Features classic lacing system with seven eyelets
  • Soft leather lining
  • All leather insole
  • Flexible crepe outsole
  • They have shock and vibration absorption properties


  • The break-in period is a little longer. But once broken in, you would not stop wearing them for the sake of great comfort it gives

5. Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot

Hey Loggers! We saved this for the last because this sturdy pair of boots holds all that you need at an affordable price. It features all the great functionalities like safety toe, waterproof properties, comfort, high heel so on and so forth. You name it and Georgia Men's Loggers Work Boot has it. While you were struggling to get that perfect pair at an affordable price, we tried to jot down all that you need to know about this logger work boots in one place.

Let us get into the details without further ado. The uppers feature a premium full-grain leather which is waterproof as well. So, no matter in what weather conditions you are working, they will keep your feet dry and happy.

For durability, it is built on Goodyear welt construction. As a result, if the sole wears off due to heavy and longer use you can easily resole them. And voila! It becomes as great as a new pair. Besides, they feature a steel shank for giving you a solid work platform.

On the inside, it has a smooth lining for absorbing extra moisture. Moreover, with this price, you also get one of the best logger boots functionality which is the polyurethane and orthopedic footbed. This insole gives you the added comfort you need and they are known to remove any unpleasant smell.

Furthermore, it comes with a steel protective toe to save you from unwanted injuries in that area. They also meet ASTM standards and are resistant to any kind of electrical hazard.

This protective logger work boots from Georgia comes with a lace-up system and the tongue holds a logo patch. One of the eye-catching fashion features is the kilt which is held on by the laces. However, at the back, there is a pull loop for easy on and off.

The rubber outsole has enough aggression to provide extraordinary traction on all kinds of surfaces. This aggression makes the boots more stable for a logger along with the high heel. Additionally, the height of the boot is a bit more than the usual ones. They are nearly 8 inches tall giving your feet good coverage and safety.

After reading about all the premium features that these boots offer, you must be wondering about the price. We are so enlightened to let you know that unlike other boots, the retail price is extremely affordable. Last but not the least, the Georgia Logger Boot also includes a 1-year limited warranty.


  • High-quality full-grain leather
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Steel shank
  • Smooth lining with moisture absorption properties
  • Polyeutherine and orthopedic footbed
  • Steel toe
  • Meets ASTM standards
  • Pull loop at the top
  • Rubber outsole with added aggression
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a limited warranty


  • There are some complaints about the footbed being not comfortable enough. But they are removable so you can replace them with any of your preference

Features to Look for in Logger Work Boots

Before buying your next pair of logger work boots, you must know the important features to look for in them. Keeping that in mind, we came up with a handful of functionality that needs to be there to provide you the comfort and safety you need.

Ankle Support

A pair of good logger boots offer ample ankle support. The shaft is usually higher and they do not restrict your movement while giving you that extra comfort in the ankle area. So, before buying look for the ones that have padded collar and higher shafts. This can protect you against twisting or spraining your ankle or other injuries in that area.

High Heels

A logger needs to work in terrains that are uneven, rough and sometimes even rocky. So, most manufacturers of logger work boots design their boots with higher heels. The main objective behind this is to ensure the safety of a logger when they accidentally step on any risky surface. Higher heels can dig into the surface giving you a firm foothold.

Additionally, higher heels are known to provide extra grip in the muddy ground, slimy logs and wet floors in the forest.

Reinforced Toes

A strong toe cap can save your day in ways you can never imagine. Think of a timber or a piece of heavy machinery making a fall on your feet accidentally. Those are the times when a protective toe comes handy.

The steel toes are designed to protect you from an object that weighs around 75 pounds. Besides steel toes, other safety toes are made out of plastic, carbon, aluminum, etc. We highly recommend you to go with the pair of logger work boots that feature a safety toe.

Weather Protection

Being a logger, you need to work in different kinds of weather conditions which include rain, snow, high temperature, etc. Keeping all this in mind you can choose a pair that matches the environment around you.

If your work terrain is in a colder place, you can opt-out for the logger boots that feature extra insulation. Because these are known to keep your feet warm and cozy in a cold environment. Along with this, they also provide comfort and cushioning in the feet.

On the other hand, if your work requires you to labor under the scorching sun with high temperature, you can choose the pair that has proper ventilation to provide enough breathability to make you feel comfortable throughout the day.


Different surfaces in different terrains can create troubles while walking and working. For instance, wet surfaces may result in slipping and falling. As a result, purchasing a pair of best logger boots requires you to look for this feature.
There is a range of choices that comes with slip, oil and chemical-resistance properties for the outsoles. Having those characteristics are the reasons for your boots to provide you with the exceptional traction you need.


Above all, always try choosing the pair that gives you the maximum comfort while fitting in your budget. However, cushioned footbeds are a great way to make you feel comfortable and cozy. The lining on the inside is also important because it covers most of your feet on the inside.

Along with ankle support, choose the one that is designed to give you arch support as well. Having great arch support can reduce the chances of pain and uneasiness in your feet to a great extent.

An Expert Tip For You

For any logger work boots, we highly recommend you to break them in first. Because most logger boots are built in a way that they become more comfortable along with time and repeated use.

Final Word

We tried to put the important details along with the advantages and disadvantages the boots come with under one roof. So that it becomes convenient to shop for hard-working loggers like you.

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