Best Motocross Boots Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

For some, Motocross is the name of an emotion. Valuing this emotion, we want you to stay safe while taking all those sharp turns and twists. For this reason, we are here with some of the best motocross boots along with all the details that you should know.

While motocross is said to be a sport for some, the other does it out of a hobby. It is a kind of motorcycle race that takes place on off-road tracks specially designed for this sport. Motocross is undoubtedly very dangerous as riders ride their bikes mostly on grassy roads, rocky roads that are filled with innumerous bumps, speedy carves, etc.

As you are riding fiercely through those tracks, you understand that your feet are one of the most significant contact points to your motorcycle. So, extra care, protection, and comfort is a must in that area. Also, your feet are more exposed to the hot exhaust pipe than other areas of your body.

  • Durable rubber
  • Metal toe box
  • Metal shank
  • Italian leather
  • Little break-in time
  • True to the size
  • Affordable price range
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Internal lacing system

As a result, along with other protective gears for example helmets, protective gloves, etc., a pair of protective and comfortable motocross boots can save your day. Unlike your usual boots, these boots are designed to safeguard your lower legs while dirt biking. So, they can take the damage caused by debris, sticks, tree branches, rocks that lie on the roads on behalf of your feet.

If you are on a budget and looking for a dedicated pair of boots that will serve you well, you are in the right place. Because our motocross boots review consists of the lists of some of the best budget motocross boots from around the world.

Before getting into all the details, we believe, you should know exactly why you should be using a dedicated pair of boots for motocross. So, here you go!

Out of many benefits, we will talk about some of the important ones here. Also, you will get to know about pretty much all of them while reading this boots review itself. One thing must be mentioned is that we strongly recommend you wear your pair of motocross boots while riding no matter the distance.

Better Grip

The soles of motocross boots are engineered to give you an outstanding grip on the pedals. Being a rider, you must have experienced riding your bike with a pair of your usual shoes and how they tend to slide all over the place. But a dedicated pair reduces all the threats and helps you in controlling your bike with excellence.


During motocross, a pair of motocross boots offer a great range of versatility. They are designed to support you through the whole ride. So, wearing them instead of other boots gives you more balance and freedom to your feet while in motion.


This is the most important and life-saving feature these boots are designed to give. It is needless to say about how dangerous of a sport this is. So, the manufacturers go the extra mile to reduce the damage caused by this. In an unfortunate incident, motocross boots protect your ankles and lower leg from unwanted injuries.

Find Best Motocross Boots Reviews 2020

1. AXO Drone Boots

The AXO Drone Boots are a super budget-friendly pair with many functionalities of other expensive motocross boots. First things first, if you have just started riding or if you are an occasional rider, AXO Drone will unquestionably be the best budget motocross boots for you.

On our list of motocross boots review, this pair is known to offer good protection and outstanding comfort for the money. There are many riders among you, who do not want to spend a lot on boots but want to get all the protection while staying on a budget. For this reason, this entry-level cheap motocross boots would be perfect for you.

Let us talk about the great features it comes with. They are pretty lightweight compared to the other pro models. This pair of boots comes with a bigger toe box and a bigger heel. So, you are going to have plenty of spaces in the toe area which is going to be very comfortable. Also, the front part of the toe has a steel reinforced plate which is designed to protect that area.

There is a steel shank that gives you the highest comfort and stability. The next feature is the material of the upper. They come with a fully synthetic upper which holds up pretty well. Compared to leather made boots, they take less time to break-in.

From the outlook, you can also see the four replaceable PU molded buckles. These buckles are adjustable. So, you can easily get a custom fit by adjusting the circumference as you want it to be.

Moreover, the upper part is connected to the sole with double-stitched Goodyear welt construction. Starting from the front of the boots, the TPU runs up to the ankles giving your ankles ample protection. However, on the upper part, it has a double-layered synthetic leather which acts as a great heat shield.

The upper front part comes with a fine shin protective piece that is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU. This also has a soft insert behind it which is designed to provide comfort to your shin.

Good News for the ones who do not have chicken legs. Because the AXO Drone Boots are designed to accommodate your bigger calves. You see, most of the boots nowadays are designed to fit skinny calves. So, having a generous amount of volume in the opening area, these boots get all the brownie points!

On the inside, there is a smooth lining along with a mesh around your ankles which promotes good airflow and breathability. Also, this has a sweat absorption property. However, the AXO is designed to protect you from specks of dirt to go into the inside of your boots.

Usually to get this type of protective boots you will be spending more bucks. But this is one of the best motocross boots for the money that is greatly designed for the weekend warriors. For the pro riders out there, we recommend you to spend a bit higher and choose from the other ranges of boots we have chosen in our list.


  • Provides outstanding functionalities and protection within an affordable price
  • Bigger toe box and heels
  • Steel shank
  • Synthetic upper
  • Takes less time to break-in
  • Replaceable PU buckles
  • Smooth lining on the inside with  sweat absorption property
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Padded ankle support
  • Wide instep panels for big calves
  • Gaiter wrapped with vinyl foam


  • Not waterproof but comes with other great feature with this money

2. Fox Racing Comp 5 Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

A beautifully designed pair with top-notch finishing, the Fox Racing Comp 5 Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Boots are one of our favorites. You can get them in two different colors. One is the neon yellow and the other one is grey. Both of these colors are very modish and they are one of the best motocross boots under 300 bucks with all the premium features.

The manufacturer themselves said how they built these boots keeping in mind all the obstacles and hazards that befall on a rider. So, we know they are designed to give you the utmost protection while riding.

Looking at this pair you can notice that they played with the logo a little bit by putting it in three different places. They can be seen down the calves, across the shin plate, and in the heel cup.

These fox motocross boots feature recessed seams throughout the whole boots which makes the boots more sturdy along with great stability. Additionally, those stitches ensure the pair to last longer. However, the upper part of the boots comes with leather and they are nicely padded for your comfort. At the same time, with the presence of the plastic shin plate, they give frontal-impact protection.

The retention design consists of a four strap design with a memory strap. All these buckles feature soft-touch Aluminium pivot lock. They are there to offer you easy closure of the boots. Additionally, in the beginning, we were saying how these boots are designed to give you safety against the exhaust pipe. The good news is they have an inner heat guard to protect you against that.

The rugged outsoles are designed to benefit you by providing great traction as there is added aggression. They provide more traction around the top and it has deep treads. On the other hand, the toe box comes with a fine edgy look.

Moreover, to add some more flex toward the back, the Achilles area has some stitching. About the sizing of this pair from Fox, since they run a little smaller you are recommended to go a size up while purchasing these boots.

All in all, the Comp 5 youth motocross boots are engineered to provide all-day comfort and support in the track. Also, these fox motocross boots do not compromise with the quality in any way even after being less expensive.


  • They are well made and built to protect you against unwanted obstacles and hazards
  • Recessed seams throughout the body
  • The front part is padded for comfort
  • Plastic shin plate for protection
  • There are four straps with soft-touch aluminum buckles
  • Inner heat guard
  • Rugged outsoles with an extraordinary traction
  • All-day comfort and stability


  • They do not run true to the sizes and known to run a little smaller

3. Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech Boots

Being a rider, you always dream of having a pair with quality that is second to none. These boots from Gaerne could be the boots of your dreams with all those rich features and handsome outlook.

Before we dive deeper, let us have a look at the construction and the functionalities first. With a very little break-in time, these Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech Boots offer generous padding around the ankle for added comfort throughout the day. On the other hand, These youth motocross boots feature a rich full-grain Italian-made leather. These heavy-duty boots also have fine double stitching all over.

If we have a look at the toe box, they do have plenty of room for your toes to get that breathability. So, even if you have wide feet, they are going to fit just fine. Next, the shin pad has a big and great plastic shin plate for good impact protection.

Now, if you look at the lateral side, three sturdy buckles can be noticed. They are profoundly known for easy buckling and unbuckling as well. Also, one of the other great features of the buckles is that they are replaceable.

On the top, there is a velcro which helps in easy on and off. The top opening has a rolled leather to give you a comfortable fit in the leg and great lining on the inside. Furthermore, the stretch panel in the back gives you flexibility with extra comfort.

The outsole is a flat gum sole that has traditional stitches. This is one of the nice looking and best motocross boots concerning the grip it offers.

One disadvantage faced by some of the users, is the opening being a bit smaller for their large calves. But you do not need to worry as you can send them back for an exchange and get your perfect fitment. However, make sure not to use them and send them back while it's still brand new. On the contrary, unlike other boots, they are true to their size.

Overall, they are super comfortable boots with outstanding construction. The plus point is that they are good looking as well. And one of the motocross boots under 300 on our review.


  • Full-grain Italian leather construction
  • Little break-in time
  • Extra padding around the ankles
  • Double-stitched throughout the body
  • Plenty of toe room
  • Plastic shin plate
  • Three replaceable buckles
  • Flat gum sole gives good traction
  • True to the size


  • There are some complaints about the smaller opening of the boots

4. Forma FOADVBN45 Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

If you are a rider who is getting into motocross adventure riding and you want a pair which is designed to give you comfort even when you are walking, we are bound to say that this pair Forma FOADVBN45 Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots are just the best motocross boots for you. Because you can walk around with this all day feeling all comfortable and cozy.

So, if you are on the touring side which is mixed with adventure and motocross, you will not regret considering this pair. They are also an excellent option for the ones who like lightweight ADV boots which do not compromise with comfort and quality.

This pair from Forma Adventure is one of the best choices for the style-conscious people out there. Because they have an outer which is full-grain leather and on top, it is oil-tanned as well. However, they feature great protection through injection molded plastic.

For the bottom, they come with ATV-quad double density rubber and can guarantee you outstanding traction. They will not let you feel a loss of traction when you wear them. The soles work great against muddy and oily surfaces as well.

When you are on a tall bike, many times you might feel the need for a little lift from your boots. The good news is, they do give you that lift which is around an inch.

Among the other features, one is that their construction is a little tough. As a result, they take a little breaking-in before you use them. On the other hand, there is a velcro closure at the top and three anti-slip plastic buckles which can be adjusted with ease. Some might have complaints about them being plastic. But they do have a solution for that also. They made it replaceable so that if you face any problem with them all you have to do is replace them according to your preference.

The features of protection do not end here. There is TPU molded plastic protection around the shin and ankle. The ankle reinforcement gives you added support and stability to go all day wearing them. Special stiff nylon is there around the midsole. Also, the EVA midsole features PP mid dual flex which has anti-shock properties. However, the manufacturer suggested to not use these boots for kick start bikes or the motorcycles that come with aggressive foot-peg for motocross.

We will now move on to the inside of these boots and talk about all the details which give you that comfort and support all day. The inside of these boots has a Drytex lining that is waterproof and breathable. Additionally, there is added soft polymer padding which has memory foam. Moreover, the footbed has antibacterial properties with APS or air pump system. The footbed is also removable so you change it whenever you want or replace it with any other footbeds too.

About the pricing of these adventure boots, they are one of the best motocross boots under 300 that are available in the market. Also, they work well along with good looks for that amount of money.


  • Tanned full-grain leather upper
  • Injection-molded plastic protection
  • Atv-quad double density rubber for great traction
  • Wearing these boots gives you a little lift which is great for tall bikes
  • Velcro closure at the top
  • Three anti-slip plastic buckles that are adjustable and replaceable
  • Shin and ankle has TPU molded protection
  • EVA midsole has a special stiff nylon
  • Drytex lining on the inside
  • Antibacterial and removable footbed
  • Soft polymer padding and memory foam


  • The breaking-in time is a little longer for some
  • They are not recommended to use for motorbikes with aggressive foot-pegs

5. Fox Racing Comp Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

For motocross, Fox came up with a pair of youth motocross boots for off-road that has many of the special features of many high-priced boots that are available in the market. But the catch here is the price it comes with. With a very affordable price, they tried putting down as many premium features as they could.

So, riders here who are searching for a pair of cheap motocross boots with great functionalities to fit in their budget, you can undoubtedly go with these.

Have you ever had a pair of motocross boots and felt that annoying underfitting or overfitting problems around the ankles? Worry no more! One of the best things that come with these pairs is the lacing system that gives a great fit around the ankles. This specific feature also saves you the hassle of pairing your boots with extra inner boots. Let us clear one important thing to you: the lacing system is built internally. To add with this, you can adjust the fitting around the ankles the way you want.

There are two straps at the top and a buckle in the lower part of the boots. These three parts help you in easy buckling and unbuckling. The lower buckles are designed in instinct style that ensures good fitting over your feet. Sidewise, they provide great support and stability. However, to make sure that you have a perfect fit and instant step with maximum comfort, the Fox Comp is built off of the instinct last.

Furthermore, for providing full protection and maximum coverage to the riders there are TPU shin plates, calf guard and toe cap. This helps and provides great safety alongside comfort.

The other thing that must be mentioned is the adjustable active lock closure system right on the shin plate. This feature is there to offer you easy and off.

For the outsole, they feature a durable rubber that has steel shank on the inside. This long-lasting rubber burn and a medial guard is there to give you outstanding traction. Alongside this, they can give you great stability on the foot-peg of your bike as well. All this feature makes this one of the best dirt bike boots for trail riding without any doubt.


  • Great features with an affordable price range
  • Internal lacing system allows you to get a custom fit around your ankles
  • Two straps in the upper part and a buckle in the lower area
  • They are built off of the instinct last
  • They come with TPU shin plates, calf guard and toe caps
  • Active lock closure system on the shin plate that is adjustable
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Steel shank


  • Extra padding around the toe box could have a little better when it comes to comfort

6. O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot

The O'Neal Men's New Logo Rider Boot would be one of the best motocross boots for you if you are seeking extra protection with a pretty affordable price range. They do come with several extraordinary features that offer you comfort and protection all day.

To start with, the upper is made from synthetic leather. This leather is there with heat-shielding properties. So, they protect you from heat damages from every side while motocross. Additionally, this synthetic leather outlook gives a sleek and modish appearance to go with.

For maximum protection, the manufacturer engineered these boots with injection-molded mounted plastic plates at the front part. An all-metal toe box is also there to protect you against impacts. On the other hand, there is also a metal shank between the soles to offer you exceptional support and stability.

About the sizing, you are recommended to go up a whole size if you are a half sizer. This is meant to give you an excellent fit all along.

Talking about the closure system, they feature four adjustable snap-lock buckles that are spread all around the boots evenly. These buckles and straps make them easy to handle. However, the outsole features a Goodyear rubber sole. Thus durable outsoles are known to give you wonderful traction.

Furthermore, the inside comes with air mesh lining. This increases the comfort to the next level all day long. Moreover, in the heel area, there is enough support to give you stability. Additionally, the insole and the whole area that covers your feet on the inside comes with extra cushioning. They are great for adding maximum comfort to your youth motocross boots.

All in all, O’Neal’s Logo rider boots will be a great choice for you considering the pricing and all the premium features. They are rough handling and offer a great deal of protection and stability on your ride.


  • Synthetic leather upper with heat-shielding properties
  • The front part has injection-molded mounted plastic plates
  • Metal toe box
  • Metal shank
  • Four adjustable snap-lock buckles
  • Durable Goodyear rubber outsole with great traction
  • Air mesh lining on the inside
  • Support on the heels
  • Extra cushioning on the insole


  • The straps could have been more durable

Final Notes

Our list of motocross boots review comprises various boots that you can get within your budget not compromising with the quality. Ultimately, all you should know is that after purchasing a pair, it is meant to last for a long time if you maintain them well.

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