Best Barber Clippers Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2021

Best Barber Clippers Reviews

A well-cared for hair speaks volumes about a person, and as so, every self-conscious person wants to have the Best Barber Clippers work on their hair any time. Of all body parts, the head is often the most exposed, and most people will focus on it when they first meet you. A haircut complements a person’s grooming style; it is like a litmus test for a person’s grooming taste.

Competitive barbers know the significance of a nicely done hair cut not only to the client but also to their business. They are always keen to make sure they are using the most suitable barber clippers for the clients’ shaving needs. High-quality hair clippers are also long-lasting and this is the desire of any professional barber.

However,some individuals prefer to have their own hair clippers. They benefit greatly from time and cost savings associated with making their own hair at home or wherever they are. If you are one of them and tired of making frequent expensive visits to the barbershop sometimes just for a three-minute trim, you should consider purchasing your own set of hair clippers.

Unlike the professionals,you probably aren’t quite familiar with hair clippers. There are thousands of various competing types and brands of clippers and haircutting accessories in the market today and more are finding their way into the competition. So,selecting one among these products without enough knowledge about them is obviously overwhelming and you may unfortunately end up with the wrong choice. It would be better to leave hair undone than have the wrong hair clippers trying to make it. Have you ever seen a person with a badly shaven head and felt sorry for that person? That is what a poorly chosen hair clipper does.

Therefore, you do need the Best Barber Clippers so that you do not have to face all of these difficulties.Here, we’ve reviewed 10 of the best barber clippers available today. Moreover, we have prepared a comparison table for your convenience and finished with a guide on how to select the best barber hair clipper for yourself.

For our Best barber Clipper Review and Buying guide article, we did an extensive research on different hair clippers - both for home and professional use. First, we asked experienced barbers to suggest the best performing brands according to their experience. Then, we performed dozens of real world tests on the clippers that got the most recommendations. With the help of hair cutting experts, we were able to rank the clippers accordingly.

In order to understand,go through the well-researched clipper reviews and suggestions below. The list will help you as you shop for the barber clippers that will meet your budget requirements and provide the desired outcome.

The comparison chart is a quick overview of all the 10 hair clippers included in our review. It is a great tool for faster decision-making.




Our Rating



Adjustable carbon steel

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Self-sharpening titanium surgical blades

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Hypoallergenic foil-coated

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Stainless steel

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Cordless & corded


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Cordless & corded

Extra-Wide Curved

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Titanium & Ceramic

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Removable Blade

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Titanium & Ceramic

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We know you are now getting excited a lot to know more about these stunning hair clippers.All of them falls into the best barber hair clipper category. Lets see which one among these 10 best barber clippers from our research suits you!

andis professional t-outliner beard or hair trimmer

The Andis T-Outliner trimmer is great for fades and design work. It uses a close-cutting T-Blade with fine-cutting teeth that allow for extraordinary close cuts.

As the high-speed magnetic motor hums inside the contoured housing that fits awesomely in your hand, you will be able to move the carbon steel blades quietly as you trim beards, mustaches and around ears.

What you get from Andis T-Outliner trimmer?

The trimmer’s specialized and adjustable blades have been sharpened to provide long-lasting service. This makes it an elite trimmer specially designed to reach even the most difficult-to-reach spots such as behind the ears. Therefore, it is great for day to day regular use.

The Andis T-Outliner trimmer has a refined design that enables it to trim beneath the surface without any irritation or scraping the skin. Consequently, it produces a clean and sharp cut that every hair stylist would wish to achieve. Besides, it does not causes any skin rashes or other problems.

It combines a powerful motor with a highly effective blade system to provide cutting edge trimming precision. These parts work in unison to perfect the art of facial outlining and they surpass the average hair trimmer in close-cutting precision.

As a result,The Andis T-Outliner is a trimmer worthy of your consideration, whether for barbering or for self-grooming purposes. It has superior versatility and durability qualities compared to many other trimmers in the market. No surprise it makes it's great entry into our best barber clippers list!

So what do you think? Is it your preferred one among the best barber clippers? Check for yourself the great features of the T-Outliner on Amazon. Also read how other users review the trimmer to decide if it will provide the shaping up you are looking for.

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Wahl Professional 5-Star balding Clipper

wahl professional 5-star balding clippers

Wahl professional 5-star balding clipper is the second candidate in our best barber clippers shortlist. It is a professional-grade clipper featuring a strong V5000+ electromagnetic motor, a #2105 blade and an 8-foot chemical resistant cord. It offers the user the convenience of achieving precise close cuts quickly.

Moreover,the package also comes with other accessories required for making perfect hair trims. It’s the perfect clipper for uniquely clean bald fades.

Features and benefits of Wahl Professional 5-star balding clipper

It has a clean modern look and an ergonomically fit exterior. The clipper is impressive both visually and in performance.Besides, it really fits well in hands. So user will have a good time while trimming.

It features a V5000 super charged motor that provides the cutting blades with enough power for a quick plough through hair. This motor drives the blades at a speed twice that of other motor clippers.

The zero overlap surgical blades are made of professional-grade German-milled Titanium and are made with a self-sharpening design. This implies that the Wahl Professional 5-star clipper is made to provide a hustle-free clipping experience for a long time.

The clipper is designed with rounded cutting attachments and a smooth steel base. This design is skin friendly and for that reason,it makes the clipper more comfortable to hold and move while clipping.

Wahl Professional 5-Star hair clipper is an ergonomic, powerful and highly efficient clipper that gives you a smooth clipping experience. Its self-sharpening highly-durable titanium blades allow for clean close cut clipping, something you’ll always be proud of. This is indeed a really a strong candidate for the top place in our best barber clippers checklist.

Get a set of this clipper and its attachments and start clipping like a pro.

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Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper

wahl professional 8061-100 5-star series rechargeable shaver shaper

Wahl 8061-100 5-star is a strong, efficient and lightweight shaver that’s made for the professional who needs to travel with his shaving equipment. It’s made to shave the head, face, beard,neck and perfectly shape mustaches and sideburns.In short it is a all rounder when it comes to trimming hair. No wonder it makes a glorious entry into our best barber clippers reviews!

Features of Wahl Professional 8061-100 clipper

Wahl Professional 8061-100 is exceptionally lightweight (one half pound) compared to the power it outputs. With this little weight, you can easily move it around the ears and necklines as well as carry it easily in your bag while traveling.

It features a uniquely designed hypoallergenic foil coating on the blades. This coating helps to reduce the amount of friction and irritation that may occur while cutting.

It uses a highly-durable, fully rechargeable battery.Thus this battery gives the shaver quite an impressive lifespan so that you can enjoy great routine self-grooming sessions for longer periods of time. Moreover, you do not have to frequently buy new shavers after few months of use.

This clipper is cordless, giving you more options and a great deal of flexibility while shaving. It also allows you to move over the head or whichever surface you are shaving to achieve the best close-cut achievable.

The Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star shaver shaper is faster and more accurate than most of the clippers in its series.Besides, When used correctly, it causes minimal irritation even when shaving difficult areas.

So,if you are searching for a cordless, lightweight and durable trimmer, the Wahl Professional 8061 featured on Amazon could be the end of your search.

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Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

oster classic 76 universal motor clippers

The Oster 76 falls in the class of bigger (more than 7 inches) and heavier (around 1.7 pounds) clippers made to provide high class haircutting action.Made of Valox material housing, the clipper is fall-resistant. In short, you can actually play with it!

It uses a durable, thick 9-foot cord.When coupled with the vintage look of the housing, this clipper stands as the real men’s clipper.

What users of Oster Classic 76 like about the haircut machine

Oster Classic 76 uses Oster’s most powerful universal motor. This motor’s performance cannot be matched by any standard pivot or electromagnetic motor. Thus, this clipper is reputed with producing one of the most classic close-cuts. Hence, this powerhouse makes a strong presesnce in our best barber clippers review.

The blades are made of stainless steel and have been tested in all kinds of harsh environments to make sure they are durable and ever sharp. Thus, not any volume or texture of hair is a big deal to Oster 7 clipper blades.

It is a detachable hair clipper, which means you’ll have to change the blades to achieve different fades. The product is delivered with blades of size 1 and 000. With the #1 blades, you can achieve a 2.4mm fade while the #000 one leaves the hair at a close fade of 0.5 mm.In short, it is as versatile as it gets.

Moreover, this extraordinary clipper has an ergonomic design (textured housing) which allows you to have a strong grip for high-precision cutting. Thus, handling this master clipper should not be a worry to you.

The Oster Classic 76 heavy-duty, powerful, and fierce clipper is made to the highest standards of durability and hair cutting performance. With it, you are able to get neat haircuts. Whether buzz cuts or fades, Oster classic 76 can do stuff smoothly.

So what do you think? Is it your preferred one among the best barber clippers? Check for yourself the great features and more information about this amazing clipper on Amazon. It is one of the best barber clippers for casual use and it will never let you down.

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Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Clipper

wahl 79600-2101 lithium ion clippers

Wahl provides yet another performer to close the list of best barber clippers. This is the 79600-2101Lithium Ion clipper that provides a 1-hour cordless application convenience. Combining the power of a long-lasting lithium ion rechargeable battery, heavy-duty motor, Wahl’s best blades and variety of hair cutting attachments, this clipper is a sure bet to truly admirable at-home haircuts.

Features of Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

Wahl 79600-2101 comes with a powerful 1 AA battery that offers 2 hours of uninterrupted use. If you need a quick cut, you can charge the battery for about 15 minutes and you’ll be good to polish up your ear, neck and even eyebrow trimming.

You can plug in the clipper to a power socket for your convenience. The clipper gives you the best of both worlds (corded and cordless operation) and  so you do not have to worry about the risk of being unable to use it at any time.

The clipper uses Wahl’s best performing blades. Its precision blades are self-sharpening and can handle a heavy load. Besides, it can cut through at a speed which is 40% higher than that of its predecessor, the Wahl NiCad clipper. No surprise it makes its way in our best barber clippers review!

Wahl 79600-2101 hair-cutting kit is delivered with multiple sizes of guide combs and other accessories that help you to make the closest cut desired. In addition, you get an instruction booklet that’s very easy to read and follow.

Under all of these circumstances,If you need a hair clipper that’s usable with or without a cord and provides quick cuts along with clean hair trims, Wahl 79600-2101 is likely to fit your requirements of the best haircut machine.

Don't believe us? Take a look at the clipper on Amazon and have time to hear what other users have found out about its performance.

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Remington HC4250

remington hC4250

The HC4250 is a cordless trimmer designed to fit easily in your hand as you plough the thickest hair down using its stainless steel blades.Moreover it is driven by the power of a rechargeable battery. It has wide, curved blades that provide maximum coverage to provide a close, even haircut.

Why Remington HC4250 is one of the best barber clippers

Remington HC4250 is built to a palm-sized design for easy control as you move it around to achieve the best cut. The clipper has a rubber grip for easier and more comfortable handling. This design also gives the clipper a fresh look. It definitely is one of the most simplistic yet fresh looking  in our best barber clippers review.

The clipper allows for cordless and corded applications. It uses a lithium rechargeable battery that allows for cordless capabilities. In case you don’t have time to charge the battery, you can connect it to a power source with a cord and continue using it.

It features a Power Curve Blade System with an extra-wide curved blade that allows you to contour the head to the best look in an easy way without missing a single spot. With this trimmer, you are sure of getting a nice, even close cut.

This cordless clipper is easily washable.Moreover, It has a washout port and so the blades are removable for easy cleanup.

Remington HC4250 is for the casual user who requires fast but frequent haircuts. This little fellow will provide you the convenience of cordless application. You can travel with it while the battery is charged.Besides,it is very easy to maintain as it is only requires rinsing with water to remove trapped hairs.

Why not pick this lightweight minimalist cordless hair clipper from our Best Barber Clippers check list? Also take a look on Amazon to know more about it.

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Sminiker Professional Hair Clippers

sminiker professional hair clippers

Sminiker Professional Hair Clippers is another player in our best barber clippers review game. This is one of the few heavy-duty yet innovative designed cordless clippers available in the market. It also offers stable control and delivers a powerful cut. It uses a low vibration precision motor to power its sharp and highly-durable blades.

Moreover,the blades are made of titanium and ceramic materials. The clipper features a self hair cutting system that allows you to adjust the combs to any desired height for an easy and perfect hair trim.

Sminiker Professional Hair Clippers highlights

Firstly,this hair trimmer has an R-shaped rounded edge and is made with heavy-duty material to provide a powerful cut in the steadiest manner. The R-shaped design helps to avoid hurting the skin.

Secondly,the titanium blade combined with a ceramic movable blade enhances the efficiency and durability of the hair clipper. The blades never get rusty, and this allows them to remain sharp for longer.

With the quiet, low-vibration motor, the clipper is useful for both professional and home use. When used at home, it provides the benefits of cordless applications and noiseless operation.

It has a small body, making it more suitable for home use if you have children and you’d like them to join the party when it’s time for the entire family to get a haircut.

This Sminiker hair clipper provides great hair cutting experience and saves you money in the long run. If you want to avoid the expensive hair cutting bills that your family incurs, this clipper can be your best haircut machine.

Sminiker hair clippers are also featured on Amazon. So, if you think these benefits are what you need in a hair clipper, take a look in amazon and order your set today.

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Remington HC5870 Cordless Hair Clipper

remington hc5870 cordless hair clippers

This is a cordless barbershop clipper that is built in a strong casing to prevent the powerful lithium battery and super torque motor that run the POWERCUT Blade System.To put it another way, this clipper is one of the strongest clipper in our best barber clippers review.

The Remington HC5870 provides cutting edge performance consistently and is made to handle even the thickest hair effortlessly.Furthermore, its powerful motor and strong build makes Remington’s HC5870 one of the best balding clippers.

Features of Remington HC5870

The cordless Virtually Indestructible hair clipper features a rugged, hard-shell casing. It also comes with length-adjusting combs, scissors, a barber cap and many more accessories. It is powered by a lithium battery that gives up to a full hour of runtime after a 10-minute charging session. For that reason,user can enjoy the freedom and convenience of cordless application.

The use of the POWERCUT Blade System assures you that there’ll be no more snagging or pulling as the system keeps the blades properly aligned for a smooth cut.Besides,you can also swap the blades with other attachments like the T-Blade or the Balder Blade.

The Remington HC5870 cordless hair clipper uses a removable blade system which comes with a cleaning brush.Also it is nicely is waterproof. These characteristics allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.It also makes the clipper more durable and applicable both at home and for casual purposes.

The unbeatable qualities of Remington HC5870 include

  • build strength
  • efficient blades
  • cordless application
  • ease of cleaning.

The use of removable blades and attachments also makes the blade perfect for cutting hair to different lengths and styles.Thus it makes it's glorious entry into our list of Best Barber Clippers!

Therefore,this hair clipper do actually provides a great service for its price. It is definitely one of the trimmers you should check out on Amazon.

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Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602

wahl elite pro high performance haircut kit

Wahl Elite Pro hair-cutting kit is one of the strongest clippers in the market. It features a very powerful and durable motor, the finest self-sharpening blades and high-quality stainless steel attachments. In short,This particular set of clippers provides a faster and tidier close-cut than most trimmers.

It is designed for the professional barber and therefore tops the list of the best barber clippers for shaving head. Besides,it’s also great for home use since it requires little maintenance.

Reasons for the stellar performance of Wahl Elite Pro clippers

The self-sharpening, stainless steel precision blades used by this clipper remain adequately sharp for long periods and cut hair faster and at a precision that few trimmers can achieve. Thus, you are able to do your grooming faster and the results are excellent.

Wahl Elite Pro features Wahl’s best corded motor – the motor is 15% more powerful than Wahl’s Powerdrive premium motor.Thus the motor drives the blades with good speed and facilitate faster, no-snag cutting.

It comes with a complete set of Secure-Fit combs with stainless steel clips. These guide combs are hard and highly-resistant to wear implying high durability. Because of these guides, you can style your haircut in a wide variety of ways just as you wish.

The trimmer functions with minimal vibrations or disturbing noises. Because of its hard plastic housing with chrome-colored lines, the powerful hair clipper gives you a premium feeling as your hair cut is being perfected. Probably this is the most minimalist sound producer clipper in our best barber clipper review.

Wahl Elite Pro hair clipper has pushed things a little further regarding power output, build strength and durability. It outperforms other Wahl’s models in power and specifications. It also competes as the best hair trimmer for thicker and bulkier hair types.

Previous users have found this elite hair trimmer quite impressive.Thus it makes it's way in our best barber clipper guide. You should definitely check it out on Amazon and see how perfectly it meets your requirements.

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Hair Clippers By JTrim PRO-Clipper Rechargeable Electric Cordless

hair clippers by jtrim pro-clipper

Made both for professional and home use, JTrim Pro-Clipper is highly durable and efficient in its hair cutting business. It uses a Titanium fixed blade and a ceramic moving blade and comes with 4 comb attachments to allow you make the best mustache, beard or head haircut.

Features of JTrim PRO-Clipper Rechargeable Electric Cordless Hair Clipper

The clipper features ultra-quiet operation; no vibration at all. It is perfect for professional and personal use. Moreover,it can be used on adults as well as kids.Besides, the clips are well guarded. If you are a novice, this clipper should do the trick for you.

The high-quality titanium and ceramic blades provide a sharp, close cut and are highly durable. This hair clipper will provide you years of excellent hair cutting experience.

It comes with comb attachments of sizes 1/8, ¼, 3/8, and 1/2 inches. You can adjust blade cutting height from 0.08mm to 2.0mm.

The rechargeable batteries have a 180-minute runtime, and it’s charged using the 110V-240V US Plug. Surprisingly,there are very few cordless hair clippers that offer this length of cordless application freedom.

A highly-durable haircut machine with multi-grooming functionality, cordless application and a very efficient blade system is what you get when you settle on JTrim PRO-Clipper. We actually had no hard time on selecting this in our best barber clippers review.

Jay’s haircutting products are well known for their unmatched performance and Amazon has confidently included them in their online stock.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Barber Clippers

Grooming can never be complete without a set of  high-quality and great performing barber clippers.

Whichever type of hair you take pride in having, you can have your own clippers and save yourself from frequent visits to barber. Perhaps the biggest advantage of purchasing a personal set of hair clippers is the long-term money savings. If you visit your barber weekly, for instance, the amount of money you pay for the service over several months should be enough to buy a brand new set of hair clippers. On the other hand,investment in a high-quality, durable set may seem expensive at first but it’s definitely worthwhile.

However,when you go out shopping for your best type of clippers, your eyes do fall on hundreds of them and it might be quite challenging to settle on one. But with knowledge of what the best barber clippers look and feel like, you will be able to reach a great decision faster. Here are few general considerations you should make to assist your decision-making:

1. Performance of the clipper

Power makes the difference between a functional set of clippers and one that’s otherwise useless. This power is determined by the motor. Surely the more powerful the motor is, the easier and faster the clipper will finish your hair cutting and trimming. Therefore, choosing the trimmer with the most powerful motor is a no brainer if your first priority is efficiency. This is a requirement you cannot compromise especially if you are looking for the best hair clipper for shaving head.

However,the shaver’s performance is also influenced by the sturdiness of the housing. Clippers with a solid build will glide through the thickest hair type without requiring you to push harder. If you know that your hair or the hair you’ll be working on is he tough type, you better make sure that the clippers you choose have a solid build.

2. Corded or cordless clipper?

Most professional-grade clippers are corded and are designed for use at the barbershop for most of the time. Most of them are designed using a strong housing and are known to be highly durable. But this means your grooming is confined to the space reachable by the corded trimmer.

A cordless set of clippers gives you the convenience of doing your grooming wherever and whenever it is appropriate. Another great advantage is that washing a cordless trimmer is simpler since you can just immerse it in water and rinse off trapped strands of hair.

Do you intend to move with the clipper frequently? A lightweight, cordless, ergonomic trimmer is the best choice for those who are often on the go and want to remain well-groomed always. The only challenge you have to face when you choose a cordless trimmer is that the battery will drain in a short while so you have to ensure that you have a reliable power source.

If you decide to go for a cordless trimmer, ensure that it comes with a charging station so that you can recharge the battery on the go.

If you take long business trips or vacations, cordless trimmers are the best haircut machine for you.

3. The more the accessories, the better the clipper

The best barber clippers come with as many accessories as possible. If you want to get the best experience with your clippers, make sure they have the comb attachments and scissors that make grooming complete.

These accessories allow for the separation of hair so that the trimming blades can make a clean-cut. Other guides will help you to style the hair in a variety of ways. Some trimmers are delivered with blade guards, cleaning brushes and lubricating

The point here is, the more accessories a set of clippers has, the better it is.

4. The number of grades

While grades are part of the attachments, it is important to consider them as a key factor in selecting a set of hair clippers. Grades make it easier to create your cut to the desirable size. They are shaped like combs and some clipper models may have 8 of them. The more grades you have, the greater the variety of hair lengths and styles you will be able to achieve.

5. Ease of maintenance

A hair trimmer that is easy to clean and grease ensures that high standards of health are maintained. Such a shaver also functions at its best always and can serve you for years. If you get a waterproof shaving machine, you’ll just need to rinse it quickly with water. After application of lubricating oil, you have nothing else to worry about concerning maintenance.

If you are a professional barber, there are a number of powerful and durable corded hair clippers you can choose from. High-quality hair clippers help to get the shaving job done properly and quickly and provide many years of useful service. As a competitive barber, you want to settle for a set that will always leave your client’s hair at its best look, and one that is easy to use for that type of hair.

For any individual who is searching for the best haircut machine for home or personal use, the list has many cordless, differently sized hair clippers to consider.

Final Word

The clippers reviewed above are the best performers in the market. We focused on the quality and performance of each trimmer’s components to rank them. A lot of attention was paid to blade quality and motor power and durability. For cordless clippers, we chose clippers whose batteries offer the greatest run-time and require the least time to charge. We also factored in the clippers’ prices and made sure they any featured hair clipper is the most affordable option among other trimmers of its caliber.

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