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Andis is among the most popular companies that have a long-standing reputation of providing excellent barbering equipment. The company tests its high-quality equipment at the factory before shipping them for supply, a probable reason for the great experiences customers report when they use Andis products.

On top of the table of Andis products that have stood the test of time and gained overwhelming popularity is the Andis T-Outliner Trimmer #04710. This trimmer is known for its unmatched strength, precision, and durability. It is easy to control and this makes sure that you do your grooming comfortably to make the handsome, smooth cut that every man desires. With it, trimming the hard-to-reach places like the neck, beard, mustaches, and around ears is an easy and quick task thanks to the close cutting blade that the trimmer uses. Andis T-Outliner Trimmer also performs dry shaving like no other highly-rated professional trimmer.

Features of Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer 04710

1. Extremely close-cutting T-blades

Andis T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer 04710 is fitted with a close-cutting T-blade. This kind of blade is known to be extraordinarily sharp and precise. The blades can be adjusted to achieve the closest cut desired. Thus, the trimmer is perfect for all-around outlining and fading, in addition to trimming hair in hard-to-reach places. Users of Andis T-Outliner trimmer 04710 state that the trimmer is able to do these activities while maintaining recommendable speed and allowing for great control of the machine. The use of T-blades is the major reason the trimmer is able to deliver the most personalized barbering experience compared to other trimmers of its caliber. They also make the trimmer very efficient in haircutting, thus saving you lots of time.

2. Powerful magnetic motor

The strength of a trimmer is mainly dependent on the motor it uses as the motor’s performance influences the blades’ performance. Andis T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer does not let you down with regard to motor strength. The magnetic motor runs at a good speed, without any disturbing noise or vibration. It runs the blades efficiently to allow for a quick and smooth haircutting experience. Due to the low-noise and low-vibration operation, the trimmer is well-suited for children. For all users, Andis T-Outliner hair/beard trimmer gives you the ultimate comfort when you are shaving. The cool motor lasts long; you’ll enjoy the trimmer for years and save the money you’d otherwise spend if you had bought a trimmer with a motor of lower quality.

3. Eight-foot heavy-duty highly-durable cord

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer 04710 features cordless application only. Once you plug in the trimmer to a power source, you can work for hours long without having to recharge the trimmer. The high-quality cord supplies the trimmer unit with enough power to enable it produce outstanding hair trimming results. The cord is long enough to allow for free movement around your client to perfect every inch of the haircut and beard/mustache/neckline trim. The cord has a hanger loop for easy and secure storage. With this hanger loop, possibilities of the trimmer falling down or being mishandled are reduced and this increases the durability of the machine.

4. Hard plastic contoured housing

The high-performance interior parts of the Andis Professional T-Outliner 04710 are enclosed by a hard, highly-durable plastic material. This housing protects the blades and motor from mechanical damage in case the trimmer falls or is not handled properly. In addition, the housing is contoured and this renders the trimmer an exceptionally comfortable design. The trimmer fits perfectly into the hand letting you work for hours without getting fatigued. It also makes the trimmer maneuverable, and with the functionality of the high precision T-blades, it allows you to make eye-catching outlining work and detailed design. The special design of the trimmer makes it very outstanding and that’s why it’s a must-have trimmer for many barbers, hair stylists and for at-home grooming.

5. Carbon-steel construction tested at factory

The adjustable blades are made of carbon-steel, and they are always sharp to deliver fast haircutting. The blades, as well as the entire unit, are oiled at the factory. They are also tested with string to ensure that their cutting ability is satisfactory before leaving the factory. Maintaining the trimmer is fairly simple, you just have to oil the blades every time you want to clip hair to enhance the blades’ cutting ability and also to keep them cool. Amateur to professional hair stylists find these blades sufficiently precise for the many applications the trimmer is put to. Sharp cutting and flawless trimming is the norm whenever the Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer is used.

What We Like

  • It is versatile; it can be used for trimming necks, beards, mustaches and edging around the ears.
  • It’s the most ideal trimmer for dry shaving.
  • Ergonomic performance due to the contoured housing.
  • Ergonomic performance due to the contoured housing.

What We Don’t Like

  • The blades heat up quickly thus require regular oiling
  • The trimmer needs an electric board nearby; it’s used for cordless application only
  • Cannot work on long hair since it’s designed majorly for close cuts

Frequently Asked Questions About Andis T-Outliner Trimmer #04710

1. Which is the best oil to use for the blades?

2. Does the Andis Trimmer come with combs?

3. How do I clean the Andis Trimmer?

Final Vardict

As evidenced by its design and features, Andis T-Outliner Trimmer 04710 provides an unbeatable barbering experience by enabling quick, noiseless, and smooth haircutting. The trimmer is very reliable for precise hair clipping and trimming. With its T-blade feature, you can achieve the best-looking close cut and make the best look out of your facial hair. This ability is enhanced by the trimmer’s comfortable design. You can work with the trimmer for as long as you want without getting tired. Being moderately priced, Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair/Beard Trimmer 04710 is a great investment into your barbering business or grooming wardrobe. Consider purchasing it and you’ll see the difference it makes to your barbering experience.

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